100 CLASSIC Set of 4 Ladies Round Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – Stylish Spring Hinge Computer Eyewear for Women


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Give your eyes a break from digital strain with the 100 CLASSIC set of 4 blue light blocking reading glasses. Designed just for women, these readers come in on-trend oversized round frames with spring hinges for durability. The Anti Blue Light lenses filter out the harmful spectrum from phones, tablets, and computer screens that lead to headaches and sleep disruption. Now you can text, work, and browse for hours without fatigue or eye irritation. Plus the magnification options make it easy to read fine print.

The 100 CLASSIC reading glasses provide real optical quality and protection in a stylish package. The round lenses measure 45mm wide for a cute look that complements all face shapes. The TR90 plastic frame is feather light and comfortable for all day wear. Flexible spring hinges ensure a custom fit. Each set includes 4 magnifications from +1.00 to +2.50 so you can find the perfect strength for your vision needs. Keep a backup pair handy in your purse, office, nightstand, and car!

Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Staring at digital screens can cause serious eye damage over time. The intense blue light wavelengths flicker rapidly and cause visual disruption. This leads to headaches, blurry vision, dry eyes, trouble focusing, and inability to sleep. The 100 CLASSIC readers have a special Anti Blue Light lens coating that filters out 90% of high energy blue-violet rays. This significantly decreases eye fatigue and strain when viewing phones, tablets, computers, and LED lights. You’ll experience less headaches, irritation, tearing, and dryness. The clear lenses also reduce glare and reflection for sharp vision.

Oversized Round Frames

Make a statement with the trendy large round frames. The retro inspired silhouette flatters all face shapes and makes you stand out. The clear lens color shows off your eye color beautifully. The chic cat eye angle adds some flair. At 45mm wide, the exaggerated round shape is feminine and fashionable. The lightweight TR90 plastic is durable and comfortable for hours of wear. Flexible spring hinges provide a snug and custom fit. The no slip nose pads keep them from sliding down. Coordinate the frame colors with your outfits or select a new pair daily.

Magnification Options

The 100 CLASSIC set comes with 4 pairs in different powers so you can accommodate close and far vision needs:

+1.00 for reading menus, price tags, and prescription labels
+1.50 for cell phones, computer screens, and light reading
+2.00 for reading books, instructions, and newspapers
+2.50 for fine print and detailed crafting

The lower strengths work well for digital screens and middle distances. The higher options provide help with cooking instructions, documents, textbooks, and small details. Keep multiple pairs handy so you always have the right magnification for the task. The optical quality clarity makes seeing effortless.

Reliable and Convenient

Keep these durable and lightweight blue light blocking readers conveniently accessible. The TR90 frame material is flexible and does not break when dropped. Ideal for everyday use, the scratch resistant lenses maintain clarity with just an occasional wipe down. The precisely crafted magnification powers address a wide range of vision needs so you don’t have to constantly swap pairs. Enjoy effortless reading, crafting, and computer use anywhere with the 100 CLASSIC ladies readers. Your eyes will thank you!


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