12pcs Glasses Eye Patch – Non-Woven Lazy Eye Patches for Amblyopia, Strabismus Treatment


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Is your child struggling with lazy eye (amblyopia)? Or are you an adult with strabismus looking to improve your vision? This 12-pack of high-quality eye patches is designed specifically for use with glasses to aid in treatment.

Help Correct Lazy Eye and Double Vision

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, occurs when the vision in one eye does not develop properly early in childhood. This results in poor eyesight in that eye, even with glasses or contacts. Strabismus is the medical term for eyes that are misaligned and don’t look in the same direction. This causes double vision.

Wearing an eye patch over the stronger eye a few hours a day forces the weaker eye to work harder, improving its vision over time. These non-woven fabric patches are easy to apply over prescription eyeglasses, allowing you to conveniently get patching therapy while going about your daily activities.

With diligent use, vision can be balanced between the eyes, and problems like lazy eye, misalignment, and double vision can be corrected. Both children and adults can benefit from eye patching.

Premium Quality Material – Soft and Breathable

Our eye patches are crafted from high-density non-woven fabric that is soft and comfortable even when worn for extended periods. The material is also breathable, preventing sweatiness or irritation.

The adhesive edge of the patch sticks securely to skin while being gentle enough for sensitive skin. It won’t scrape delicate eye areas. The bridge of the patch easily conforms over prescription glasses frames without coming loose.

The durable fabric also withstands regular washing and reuse over months of treatment. We provide both medium and large sizes to suit different facial structures.

Complete Lazy Eye Therapy Solution

This 12-pack of eye patches contains everything you need for effective amblyopia treatment:

– 6 medium patches (10.5 x 5.2 cm)
– 6 large patches (12 x 5.7 cm)

With a dozen patches in two versatile sizes, the whole family can patch alternate eyes as prescribed by an optometrist. Replace patches as they wear out.

Patch the stronger eye for 2-6 hours per day to allow the weaker eye to develop better acuity and alignment. Use the patches for months or as long as your eye doctor recommends for best results.

Correcting Children’s Vision Problems

Eye patching is most effective when begun in early childhood, as the visual system is still developing. Addressing problems like lazy eye and strabismus before age 7 gives the best chance for gaining normal vision.

These lightweight eye patches make vision therapy easier for kids since they can still wear their everyday glasses underneath. Your child can continue normal activities either at home or school without interruption to patching treatment.

The hypoallergenic adhesive keeps the patches securely in place but is gentle on kids’ delicate skin. The fabric is soft and comfortable for long-term wear. Help your child gain balanced vision for better school performance and confidence.

Improve Eye Alignment as an Adult

It’s not too late to treat vision disorders like amblyopia and strabismus as an adult. Patching therapy can still strengthen the weak eye and train the eyes to align properly and work together. Regaining proper eye function improves vision clarity and coordination.

Just place these reusable eye patches over your existing prescription lenses. The bridge easily adheres on any eyeglass frame without obstructing your field of view.

Continue your daily work and hobbies while also correcting your vision. Driving, reading, and computer use become easier with two eyes that work in sync.

Treat yourself to better sight by adding this eye patch set to your cart today!


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