8 Pieces Silk Eye Patch Set for Adults Kids – Soft & Comfortable Eye Covers for Sleeping, Traveling, & Daily Use


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Tired of uncomfortable, ill-fitting eye masks irritating your skin or letting in too much light? Searching for a quality eye cover that blocks light completely for a restful night’s sleep or daytime relaxation? Look no further than our premium silk eye patch set.

Our set includes 8 high-quality silk eye patches in assorted colors – perfect for adults, kids, women, & men. The soft, smooth fabric rests gently on the skin without pulling hair or eyelashes. The lightweight patches don’t put pressure on eyes, making them ideal for long-term wear.

These reusable eye covers serve many purposes. They completely blackout light for uninterrupted beauty sleep, power naps, or meditation. For travel, the eye patches help block out light during red-eye flights or afternoon siestas in the hotel. Some also use them for concentration during study or work. The patches can even be worn under swim or ski goggles to prevent water or snow from seeping in.

Premium Features & Benefits

Complete Light Blocking – Our silk fabric eye covers block 100% of light for undisturbed rest. The curved, contoured shape prevents leakage around the nose & edges.

Soothing Silk Material – Constructed from smooth, super-soft silk that’s gentle on sensitive skin. Allows skin to breathe while blocking irritants.

Adjustable Fit – Elastic strap ensures a custom, non-slip fit for all head sizes. Stays securely in place all night long.

Washable & Reusable – The eye patches can be hand washed & reused over and over again.

Versatile Uses – Perfect for sleeping, meditating, studying, traveling, migraines, or computer eye strain.

Kid Friendly – Great for helping children sleep in unfamiliar places or take naps during travel.

The Perfect Eye Mask for Rest, Relaxation & Recovery

Say goodbye to puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles! Our premium eye covers give you the rest you need to look refreshed and rejuvenated.

The ultra-soft silk conforms gently around eye contours without pulling delicate skin or lashes. No more waking up with sore, red indented skin from a too-tight mask. The elastic strap adjusts for a personalized fit that stays put all night, unlike masks that shift around.

The curved, contoured shape eliminates any gaps that let light sneak in around the nose or edges. Experience the blissful serenity of complete darkness for uninterrupted zzz’s.

Whether you need help adjusting to a new time zone, struggle with insomnia or just want to sleep in past sunrise, our eye patches deliver the darkness you need. They’re also great for creating the perfect environment for mindfulness, meditation and midday recharging.

High Quality Eye Covers for All Your Needs

With 8 eye patches in versatile colors, our set has you covered for any situation from work trips to relaxation at home.

The included assortment of black, purple, blue, pink, green, gray, brown and peach eye covers complements any pajamas. Stash a few in your suitcase or bag for instant eye comfort wherever you go.

Keep some patches handy on your nightstand, desk or car for power napping & screen breaks throughout the day. Having multiples on hand means you always have a clean backup ready.

Give the gift of luxurious sleep with our silk eye masks. They make great birthday, holiday or bridesmaid presents. Surprise the frequent flyer in your life with an eye cover set for resting on the road.

Experience the difference of our premium silk eye patches! This is the last mask you’ll ever need. Click “Add to Cart” now to treat yourself to better rest & relaxation.


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