Acefrog Upgraded Silicone Nose Pads for Oakley Eyeglasses – Non-Slip Fit for Durability & Comfort


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Tired of your Oakley glasses constantly slipping down your nose? Experience the comfort and stability of Acefrog’s upgraded silicone rubber nose pads. Custom designed to precisely fit popular Oakley frames, these replacement nose pads will keep your glasses in place while preventing irritation.

Compatible With Many Oakley Frames

This nose pad set is compatibile with a wide range of Oakley models, including:

  • Metalink OX8153
  • Miter OX8154
  • Cogswell OX8157
  • Activate OX8169F, OX8173
  • HEX Jactor OX8032, OX8174F
  • Leadline OX8175
  • OO9473
  • Porta OO9446
  • Low Key OO9433-54mm

And many more! Check the product description for a full list of compatible Oakley frames.

Soft, Comfortable Silicone

Constructed from premium silicone rubber, these replacement nose pads provide exceptional comfort while preventing skin irritation. The soft, flexible silicone conforms gently to the shape of your nose without pinching or chafing.

Silicone won’t degrade or change shape over time. It retains consistent softness and flexibility compared to the hard original nose pads.

Superior Non-Slip Grip

The textured design and silicone material prevent your Oakleys from slipping down, no matter how active your lifestyle. Sweating won’t cause them to loosen or shift out of place.

You’ll finally be able to enjoy your Oakley eyewear without constant, annoying adjustments. The nose pads sit securely on your nose bridge for optimal stability.

Quick & Easy to Install

Replacing the nose pads takes just seconds – simply pop off the old pads and push on the Acefrog silicone replacement pads until they snap into place. No special tools or complicated maneuvering required.

Lifetime Guarantee

Acefrog provides a lifetime money-back guarantee for maximum peace of mind. If you are ever unsatisfied with the comfort, fit, or performance of the nose pads, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement set.

Stop Slipping & Enjoy Your Oakleys Again

Never deal with loose, uncomfortable Oakley frames again. Acefrog’s nose pads provide a secure, non-slip fit with cloud-like comfort. Durable medical-grade silicone will retain its shape for years of reliable use.

Regain full enjoyment of your Oakley eyewear with confidence and comfort. Click Add to Cart now to stop the slipping and experience these upgraded nose pads today!


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