Acme Polarized Sports Sunglasses – Block Glare for Baseball, Cycling, Running, and Outdoor Activities


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Experience crisp, clear vision with Acme’s polarized sports sunglasses. Specifically designed for active lifestyles, these shades feature durable UV400 protection lenses to filter glare and reduce eye fatigue when outdoors. The lightweight frame and adjustable components provide a comfortable, secure fit for any face shape or sport.

Benefits of Acme Polarized Sports Sunglasses:

  • Polarized lenses block blinding glare
  • UV400 protection filters harmful rays
  • Lightweight 28g frame for comfort
  • Scratch and impact resistant lenses
  • Silicone nose pads prevent slipping
  • Bendable temple arms for custom fit
  • Suitable for running, cycling, fishing, baseball, and more
  • Unisex stylish design fits both men and women

Polarized Lenses Reduce Glare and Eye Strain

The polarized lenses are the key feature that makes these sunglasses ideal for sports and activities. They have a special filter that blocks blinding and distracting glare reflected off smooth surfaces like water, snow, and pavement. This allows you to see the natural colors and details of your surroundings more clearly.

By eliminating glare, the lenses also reduce eye fatigue and strain that can occur from squinting against bright reflected light. You’ll experience crisp, high-definition vision rather than hazy distorted images.

100% UV Protection for Any Weather

In addition to the polarized filter, Acme’s lenses provide complete UV400 protection. They block 100% of harmful ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This protects your eyes from damage and future vision problems that excessive UV exposure can cause over time.

You’ll get this essential eye protection in any climate or light conditions – not just bright sunny days. The lenses filter UV rays even under cloud cover or shade. This makes them ideal for year-round outdoor activities.

Lightweight Durable Frame

At just 28g total weight, these sunglasses are ultra lightweight. The stress-resistant frame material and components ensure long-lasting durability as well. They can withstand years of regular use for sports, adventures, and everyday wear.

The comfortable frame profile exerts minimal pressure on key areas like your nose bridge and ears. You’ll forget you’re even wearing shades during hours of outdoor activity.

Custom Secure Fit

Acme’s sports sunglasses allow you to customize the fit for your face size and shape. Silicone nose pads prevent any slipping while staying soft on skin contact.

The bendable temple arms flex to contour your head for a snug grip. This prevents bounce during activities like running. Adjust and tweak the position until the sunglasses feel like a natural extension of yourself.

Versatile Style for Any Setting

While optimized for sports and outdoor use, these shades also work well for casual everyday wear. Their sleek aesthetic complements both men’s and women’s looks. Wear them when walking the dog, doing yardwork, driving, and more.

The polarized lenses make them especially helpful for activities like driving that expose you to glare. The UV protection keeps eyes safe and relaxed on sunny days.

Experience clearer vision while protecting your eyes with Acme’s versatile polarized sports sunglasses. Order a pair today to tackle your next adventure in comfort and style!


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