ALPINA Modern Oval Sunglasses – All Black Matte Unisex Shades With 100% UV Protection


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Make a bold modern statement with the sleek all-black ALPINA oval sunglasses. Featuring a matte black finish, these unisex sunnies provide complete UV protection along with a stylish look. The durable oval-shaped lenses offer a flattering fit for most face shapes while blocking harsh rays.

Designed in Austria, ALPINA eyewear combines fashion-forward European styles with high-performance lens technology. The ALPINA Modern sunglasses embody urban sophistication. The matte black acetate frame has a clean, contemporary aesthetic. Subtle silicon nose pads ensure a secure, comfortable fit.

These modern oval sunglasses provide complete UV protection with lenses that filter 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The decentered lenses also minimize visual distortion for crisp, clear vision. The anti-reflective coating reduces glare, while the infrared reflective external coating keeps your eyes cooler.

Standout Features:

– Matte all-black unisex design with urban modern appeal
– Durable oval-shaped lenses flatter most face shapes
– Lenses provide 100% protection from UVA, UVB and UVC
– Decentered lenses reduce distortion for crisp optical clarity
– Anti-reflective coating minimizes glare
– Infrared reflective external coating keeps eyes cool
– Designed and crafted in Austria
– Lightweight acetate frame with silicon nose pads for secure fit

Shield Your Eyes in Style
Eyewear is the ideal accessory to complete your look with subtle sophistication. The ALPINA modern sunglasses make a statement with their bold matte black palette and oval lenses. The sleek frame design flatters round, oval, square and diamond face shapes.

The lightweight acetate frame ensures long-lasting durability. It’s also materials like this that give the glasses their matte finish instead of a high-gloss look. Silicon nose pads prevent slippage while keeping the fit comfortable and secure.

The oval shape of the lenses provides coverage while contouring to the natural curves of your face. This close fit also effectively blocks peripheral UV light from the sides. The all black lenses look sharp while also reducing glare and eye fatigue.

Superior UV Blocking Power
The ALPINA sunglasses lenses offer complete UV protection to safeguard your eyes from harm. They filter 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

Long term UV exposure can lead to serious eye conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration, pinguecula, and pterygium. The ALPINA lenses fully shield your eyes from burns, premature aging, and potential damage.

In addition to UV rays, the lenses also reflect infrared rays to keep eyes cooler. Infrared light causes added glare and warmth that can strain and dry out your eyes. The infrared coating provides a more soothing viewing experience.

Optical Clarity from Decentered Lenses
With decentered lenses, the ALPINA sunglasses minimize visual distortion for sharp clarity. The lenses are aligned to your natural line of sight rather than the center of the frames. This curbs peripheral aberrations and curving distortion. Colors and details appear clean and true.

The anti-reflective coating further enhances optics by reducing glare and reflections. By minimizing scattered light, it promotes better vision with less eye fatigue. See the world as it’s meant to be seen through the ALPINA modern sunglasses.

Flattering and Fashionable
The sleek matte black oval frames exude modern sophistication. The versatile neutral color palette complements both casual and professional attire. Wear them to add subtle edge to jeans and tees or polish up dressy looks.

The oval lens shape complements rounder, softer facial features. Both men and women will appreciate the flattering silhouette. Be runway ready in these fashionable sunnies designed to turn heads.

Experience crisp undistorted vision free from glare in the ALPINA Modern Oval Sunglasses. The durable matte black frames make a stylish statement while the lenses shield your eyes from UV rays. Designed in Austria, these modern glasses combine European ingenuity with protective performance.


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