AMOMOMA 3 Pack Oversized Square Reading Glasses for Women – Stylish Retro Cute Blue Light Blocking Computer Readers


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Step into retro-chic style with the AMOMOMA 3 pack of oversized square reading glasses. Featuring a stylish yet classic square frame design, these readers make reading, working on the computer, and other close-up activities comfortable and fashionable.

The oversized square shape is inspired by retro fashion trends, giving these reading glasses a fun, quirky vibe. At the same time, the classic black frame with spring hinges ensures these readers can be worn for years to come without going out of style. Wear these glasses to complement both modern and vintage inspired outfits.

Premium Lenses Filter Harmful Blue Light and UV Rays

The lenses in the AMOMOMA square readers provide more than just magnification. These lenses have a dual anti-blue light coating that filters 99% of harmful UV rays and relieves eye strain from digital screens. Read comfortably for hours without squinting, eye fatigue, or headaches.

The anti-reflective coating also reduces glare so you can read in bright sunlight. Enjoy crisp, clear vision whether you’re reading indoors or outdoors.

Designed for All Day Comfort

Along with protective lenses, the AMOMOMA square reading glasses are designed for comfort. The frames are made from lightweight materials so they don’t feel heavy on your face. The spring hinges allow the arms to flex as you put on and take off the glasses. This flexibility ensures the frames maintain their shape instead of bending permanently over time.

The curved temple arms eliminate pressure on your ears. The adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slipping and discomfort on the bridge of your nose. Enjoy the stylish look of these oversized square glasses without the discomfort often associated with large frames.

Multiple Magnification Options

No matter your vision needs, the AMOMOMA 3 pack has reading glasses to match. Each set includes three pairs of glasses with different lens strengths:

  • 1.00x for slight magnification
  • 1.50x for mild near-vision correction
  • 2.00x for stronger reading power

Keep multiple pairs handy so you always have glasses available with the right level of correction. The 1.00x strength works well for intermediate distance activities like using a computer, while the 2.00x lenses provide more magnification for reading books and menus.

Wear All Day, Anywhere

The AMOMOMA square reading glasses transition seamlessly from running errands to dining out. The trendy yet subtle design works for:

  • Working in your home office
  • Browsing on your phone or tablet
  • Reading printed books, newspapers, and magazines
  • Cooking and looking at recipes
  • Shopping and reading tags and signs
  • Comparing restaurant menus
  • And so much more!

Keep an extra pair in your handbag so you always have readers on hand when you need them.

Include Useful Accessories

Each set of AMOMOMA blue light blocking readers comes complete with accessories to keep your new glasses clean, safe, and handy. The included extras are:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth – Gently wipe lenses to remove dust and smudges
  • Leather case – Protect glasses when not in use
  • Beautiful box – Great for gifting or storage

With this durable case, you can toss the glasses in your bag without worrying about bent frames or scratched lenses. The lovely box makes these readers a wonderful gift for the women in your life.

Buy With Confidence

AMOMOMA stands behind the quality of our blue light filtering reading glasses. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are not completely happy with these oversized square readers, return them for a full refund or replacement.

Give your eyes a break and upgrade your eyeglass style with the AMOMOMA 3 pack of women’s blue light reading glasses today! The anti-reflective lenses and chic square frames make reading comfortable and fun.


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