AMOMOMA Retro Oversized Reading Glasses for Women – Blue Light Blocking Computer Readers with Spring Hinges


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Tired of digital eye strain from screens? Get relief with these stylish, oversized reading glasses from AMOMOMA. Thoughtfully designed with blue light-blocking lenses, these readers filter out harmful rays that cause headaches and irritation. Their retro appearance and fun color options add a bold fashion statement while making computer work more comfortable.

Advanced Blue Light Blocking

Prolonged exposure to blue light from phones, tablets, computers, and other devices can lead to digital eye strain. This manifests in tired, sore eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. By filtering out 90% of high-energy blue light, these readers create a more soothing viewing experience. The result is enhanced focus and clarity when reading, working on screens, or pursuing hobbies.

Reduced Glare for Computer Use

Staring at a bright computer screen for hours strains your eyes. These blue light glasses feature an anti-glare lens coating to diffuse and scatter light. This prevents visual distractions from reflections that make focusing difficult. The UV400 protection also filters Ultraviolet rays from monitors and overhead lighting.

Wide Lenses Offer Expansive View

With 49mm wide lenses, these oversized cat eye readers widen your field of vision for comfortable viewing. The rectangular shape and sizable lenses are flattering on most face shapes, from round to oval. Whether reading a book or browsing online, you’ll enjoy crisp, unobstructed sight.

Chic, Retro Look

Who said reading glasses have to be boring? These cat eye readers radiate vintage 1960s style with their wingtip design. The exaggerated shape screams retro glam. Choose from a range of colors like Leopard Print, Pink, and Tortoise to showcase your personality. Switch up your look daily or coordinate with different outfits.

Lightweight with Adjustable Spring Hinges

The frame stays securely on your face thanks to flexible spring hinges. They provide a snug, custom fit by conforming to the shape of your head. Weighing only 18g, the TR90 material is also extremely lightweight. You’ll barely notice them on the bridge of your nose. The arms flex and bounce back to their original position, preventing damage.

Ideal for Reading, Working, and Hobbies

Give your eyes a break from eye strain throughout the day. These blue light glasses are ideal for:

  • Working on computers, phones, and tablets
  • Reading books, magazines, newspapers
  • Sewing, knitting, crafting
  • Playing video games
  • Watching TV
  • Driving at night

Any activity that strains your eyes will benefit from the UV ray protection and blue light filtering.

Lightweight Carrying Case Included

Keep your reading glasses safe and sound in the included protective case when not in use. The soft microfiber cleaning cloth also lets you wipe smudges and fingerprints off the lenses. Show your eyes some TLC and defense against blue light damage with these AMOMOMA readers.

Worry-Free Purchase

We stand behind the quality of our blue light blocking glasses. Enjoy free returns within 30 days of purchase if you are not completely satisfied. Click Add to Cart now to treat yourself to these eye-catching and eye-protecting readers!


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