AQWANO Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – Stylish Round Frame Computer Eyewear for Men and Women


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Do your eyes feel tired and strained after hours staring at screens? Experience the difference with AQWANO Blue Light Filter Reading Glasses. These stylish computer readers block 99% of harmful blue light from devices while reducing eye fatigue. The lightweight round frames and scratch-resistant lenses provide all-day comfort for work or play. Protect your vision and see clearly near and far!

Advanced Lenses Filter Harmful Blue Light and UV Rays

Prolonged exposure to blue light from digital devices like phones, laptops, and tablets can lead to headaches, blurred vision, and sleep disruption. The high-energy wavelengths scatter more easily and penetrate deep into the eyes, causing damage over time.

AQWANO reading glasses feature upgraded polycarbonate lenses treated with a special 8-layer coating that filters 99% of these harmful blue light emissions. This protects the eyes from strain while preserving natural sleep rhythms.

The lenses also block 100% of UV rays up to 400nm to guard against sun damage. Whether you’re outdoors or inside under harsh fluorescent lights, your eyes gain relief from visual fatigue and stay relaxed.

Crystal Clear Magnification in Stylish Round Frames

The lightweight TR90 frames feature a subtle cat-eye curve for a hint of retro flair. The chic round lens shape flatters all face types. With 4 colors like Pink, Purple, Black, and Tortoise, you can match these computer glasses to any outfit.

The clear polycarbonate lenses offer precise magnification powers from +1.00 to +2.50 diopters. This caters to a wide range of vision needs for reading text messages, books, newspapers, labels, and more up close.

The durable scratch-resistant coating also keeps the lenses crystal clear. Anti-reflective and anti-glare treatments enhance visual clarity and depth perception indoors and outdoors.

Comfortable Ergonomic Design for All-Day Wear

Designed to stay put, the flexible TR90 frame material and adjustable nose pads prevent slippage as you move. The clever spring hinges provide a customized fit that flexes and bounces back to shape. This ensures an equal weight distribution and grip without uncomfortable squeezing.

At just 20g total weight, you’ll barely notice these blue light glasses on your face even after hours of wear. The low-profile round frames sit close to the eyes without obstructing peripheral vision. The short temples help keep hair from getting tangled up.

Ideal for Work, Home, School, and Leisure

Give your eyes a break and look stylish anywhere with AQWANO’s blue light filtering readers:

Office: Power through work on screens all day with less eye strain and headaches. Look professional in meetings.

School: Study comfortably for exams without squinting at notes or laptops. Reduce glare from whiteboards.

Home: Enjoy hobbies like reading, cooking, and crafting without blurriness. Use tablet in bed without disrupting sleep.

Outdoors: Drive confidently by reducing sun glare. See bike control panels, maps, and phones with ease.

Digital Devices: Play video games, watch movies, and browse phone comfortably for longer. Prevent eye fatigue from flashy screens.

With just one pair of our blue light blocking glasses, your eyes stay relaxed and focused no matter what you’re doing. Ditch the readers cluttering your bag and desk and simplify your eyewear.

Lens Options to Suit Your Needs:

Lens Colors: Clear or Yellow Tint

Lens Power: +1.00 to +2.50 Diopters Available

Frame Colors: Black, Tortoise, Purple, Pink

Lens Width: 60mm

Lens Height: 45mm

Bridge Width: 18mm

Temple Length: 145mm

Shop Worry-Free with Our Customer Guarantee

At AQWANO, your vision health is our top priority. We want everyone to experience the joys of clear, strain-free sight. That’s why we use only the highest quality materials and latest lens technology in our blue light blocking glasses.

We’re so confident you’ll love our reading eyewear that we back every order with a money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied, return them within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

Why struggle with tiresome blurry vision? Give your eyes the care they deserve. Click “Add to Cart” now to start protecting your sight!


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