Astropic Large Silk Eye Patch for Glasses – Breathable Mulberry Silk Blindfold for Adults & Kids


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Give your eyes a break with the Astropic oversized silk eye patch for glasses. This large eye patch is specially designed to fit over your eyeglasses, providing gentle coverage without irritation.

The 100% natural mulberry silk material is super soft and comfortable against sensitive skin. This reusable eye patch can be worn on either eye by flipping it upside down.

Features of the Astropic Silk Eye Patch:

Oversized Design

This eye patch is extra large to accommodate bigger glasses frames and lenses. The lightweight silk material sits gently over your glasses without tugging or pulling. It won’t press on your eyelids or frames.

Pure Mulberry Silk

The patch is constructed from 100% natural mulberry silk, which is smooth, lightweight, and breathable. Silk minimizes friction against delicate skin while allowing airflow to prevent moisture buildup.

Soothing Comfort

Thanks to the incredibly soft silk fabric, this eye patch is soothing to wear for extended periods. It won’t irritate skin or cause discomfort like cheaper synthetic fabrics can.

Versatile Wear

The reversible design allows you to wear the eye patch on either your left or right eye. Just flip the patch upside down to switch eyes. Easy!


This eye patch is washable and reusable, so you can enjoy it for the long haul. No waste or need to buy disposable patches. Much better for the environment!

Benefits of Wearing an Eye Patch

Wearing an eye patch over one eye provides many benefits:

  • Relieves eye strain from computer use, reading, driving etc.
  • Provides relief if you have eye pain, irritation, or injury
  • Encourages your weaker eye to work harder and improve vision
  • Blocks out distracting light when trying to sleep or rest
  • Can aid healing after eye surgery or procedures
  • Prevents scratching or irritating eyes due to allergies

Doctors often recommend using an eye patch to help treat various eye issues. The Astropic silk eye patch is a comfortable option that won’t aggravate your skin or glasses.

Caring for Your Silk Eye Patch

Caring for your silk eye patch is easy:

  • Hand wash in cold water with mild soap
  • Don’t bleach or iron the patch
  • Hang to air dry – do not place in dryer
  • Avoid direct heat or sunlight to prevent fading

With proper care, your silk eye patch will last for years of regular use.

Experience Soothing Relief for Your Eyes

If your eyes feel strained, tired, or sensitive, give them a break with the Astropic oversized silk eye patch for glasses. The incredibly soft mulberry silk gently covers your eyes without uncomfortable pressure.

The large size ensures a comfortable fit over your existing glasses. Just flip the patch to switch eyes anytime.

Order this convenient eye patch today to soothe your eyes while preventing scratching and irritation!


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