ATTCL Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids Age 3-10 – Stylish Game Glasses That Protect Children’s Eyes


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Tired, strained eyes after hours in front of screens? As kids spend more time on computers, tablets, and phones for school and play, harmful blue light exposure has become a growing concern for children’s eye health. ATTCL Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses offer the solution, filtering 92% of blue light to ease eye fatigue and preserve healthy vision in the digital age.

Advanced Blue Light Blocking Lenses Guard Young Eyes

These computer glasses feature premium, transparent lenses tinted with a special blue light blocking filter. By filtering out over 92% of high-energy visible blue light (HEV blue light), which ranges from 400-455nm wavelength, these glasses help protect children’s developing eyes. Overexposure to blue light from screens may lead to digital eye strain, headaches, and trouble sleeping – concerns no parent wants their child to face. ATTCL’s kids blue light blocking lenses serve as a shield against blue light’s damaging effects.

The lenses also block 100% of UVA/UVB radiation up to 400nm wavelength, guarding against ultraviolet damage from the sun’s rays. Kids can wear their ATTCL glasses comfortably indoors and out, benefiting from blue light and UV protection wherever the day takes them.

Sleek, Durable Frames in Child and Tween Sizes

Available in both child and tween sizes, these blue light filtering glasses feature sleek, transparent frames crafted from flexible, lightweight TR90 material. The arms flex and bend to fit growing kids comfortably without breaking. Integrated nose pads prevent slippage so glasses stay put.

For child sizes, measure the width across your child’s face at the broadest point to find the best fit:
– Small: 4.72” – 5.12”
– Medium: 5.12” – 5.51”
– Large: 5.51” – 5.90”

For tween sizes:
– Small: 5.31” – 5.51”
– Medium: 5.51” – 5.70”
– Large: 5.70” – 5.90”

With high transparency and a cool, geek chic look, ATTCL’s computer glasses complement any outfit. While blue light lenses tend to have a yellow tint, these glasses look clean and crisp – never distracting from cute school photo day or Zoom class pictures.

Recommended by Eye Doctors to Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Doctors and vision experts recommend blue light blocking glasses to prevent headaches, blurred vision, and sleep issues associated with overexposure to blue light from screens. By filtering 92% of harmful blue light, these glasses allow kids to do schoolwork, play games, and enjoy screen activities more comfortably.

ATTCL computer glasses provide all-day protection when used with phones, tablets, TVs, computers, and other devices that emit blue light. Rather than limiting screen time, these glasses allow children to look at devices safely for as long as needed or desired.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your child’s vision and comfort are our top priority. We stand behind our blue light blocking glasses with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, return within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.

Questions or concerns? Contact us directly through the “Ask a question” link below. Our helpful customer service team will respond promptly to assist you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Give your child the gift of clear, relaxed vision in the digital age. Order ATTCL Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses today to protect growing eyes from digital eye strain and blue light damage.


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