ATX Optical XXL Polarized Sunglasses – Finally, Stylish Shades Made for Big & Wide Heads


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Big heads, rejoice! Finding sunglasses when you’re extra blessed in the cranium department can be a major pain. Way too often, you’re left with frames pinching painfully on the sides of your head or the arms being pulled so far apart they look ridiculous. Not a good look.

That’s why we created the ATX Optical XXL – polarized mens sunglasses specifically designed for big and wide heads. With an extra wide 152mm temple width, flexible spring hinges, and lightweight frame, these shades provide exceptional comfort for big-headed guys. Read on to see why these will become your new go-to pair.

Temples Span an Extra Wide 152mm

The ATX Optical XXL features temples that stretch a full 152mm wide. Compare that to standard men’s sunglasses that measure 140mm to 145mm. Those extra 7 to 12mm make a huge difference in comfortably fitting larger head sizes without pinching at the sides.

The extended length also removes pressure from behind the ears that can cause soreness and headaches. Enjoy a relaxed, pressure-free fit all day long.

Flexble Spring Hinges Move With You

Ordinary sunglass arms often bend and lose their shape when stretched over a wide head. That’s why we built the ATX XXL with flexible spring hinges made from memory metal.

The arms effortlessly flex and spring back to comfortably adapt to your head size. As you put on, take off, and move the sunglasses, the durable hinges maintain their shape without warping, cracking, or becoming misaligned.

Lightweight Frame Weighs Just 28 Grams

Heavy sunglasses frames just add unwanted pressure on large heads. That’s why we constructed the ATX XXL from lightweight polycarbonate, keeping them to just 28 grams.

The ultra-light frames almost seem to float on your face. No pulling, dragging, or discomfort – even after all-day wear. The stress-free lightweight design prevents neck fatigue and tension headaches.

Glare-Banishing Polarized Lenses

Don’t just shade your eyes from sunlight – actively improve what you see! The polarized lenses in the ATX XXL sunglasses cut reflected glare that bounces off surfaces like water, snow, and roads.

Glare strains eyes by creating visual noise and distortion. It also hides obstacles and hazards like slippery ice patches, potholes, and waves.

Polarized lenses block scattered light waves so you see clearer details, vivid colors, improved depth perception, and reduced eye fatigue. Tackle outdoor activities in visual comfort.

Flattering Classic Wayfarer Shape

Just because they’re designed for big heads doesn’t mean they have to look funny. We gave the ATX XXL a versatile wayfarer shape that flatters most face shapes and styles.

The classically rugged silhouette features a durable browline and tapered arms. Enjoy the big-head comfort you need while looking cool and confident.

Perfect for Wide & Big Melons of All Sizes

No matter how generously proportioned your head is, the ATX XXL sunglasses will fit great. The extended XXL temples comfortably accommodate head widths from 6 3/4″ up to 8 1/4″.

Big or small, oval or round, these sunglasses spread the pressure for pain-free wear. Guys with wide noggins, rejoice!

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Hitting the ski slopes? Going on a fishing trip? Exploring mountain trails? The ATX XXL sunglasses are perfect for all your outdoor adventures.

The indestructible polycarbonate frame withstands drops, dings, and flexing without damage. Polarized lenses sharpen your vision while cutting glare. Enjoy improved safety and visual clarity wherever you play.

UV400 Lens Protection

Don’t let the sun’s harmful rays damage your eyes. The polycarbonate lenses fully shield UVA and UVB light up to 400 nanometers. That means complete protection against the sun’s burning and aging effects.

Maintain excellent eye health while avoiding cataracts, macular degeneration, and melanoma around the eyes. Defend your vision with essential UV blocking.

Say Goodbye to Slipping & Movement

Standard sunglasses are always sliding down big heads, forcing you to keep nudging them back up. Not the ATX XXL.

The perfectly calibrated shape and angle of the extended temples keep these shades locked in place. The textured rubber arm tips provide extra grip around the ears.

Once in position, the sunglasses won’t budge until you take them off. Experience supreme comfort and security.

The Most Useful Big-Head Accessory

For men with generously-sized heads, this extra wide sunglass frame is a total game changer. No more pinching, squishing, or squeezing into uncomfortably tight designs. Just easy, spacious comfort all day long.

If standard narrow frames give you a headache, the ATX XXL sunglasses will be your new favorite accessory. Enjoy glare-free outdoor adventures in total relaxion with frames specifically proportioned for wide heads.

We Stand Behind Our Product

We proudly stand behind the design of the ATX Optical XXL sunglasses. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Enjoy zero risk when you order today.

As a trusted brand, we promise helpful and timely customer service for any questions about our big head-friendly sunglasses. Try them out today!


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