Autojouls Women’s Oversized Round Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses, 3-Pack


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Give your eyes a break from digital strain with the Autojouls 3-Pack of Women’s Oversized Round Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses. Thoughtfully designed to filter harmful blue light from screens and devices, these readers allow you to read, work, and browse in comfort.

The oversized round frames provide ample lens coverage to protect your entire field of vision from excessive blue light exposure. The transparent yellow-tinted lenses block over 85% of blue light while still allowing enough beneficial blue light to pass through for natural color perception. This filtering technology reduces eye fatigue and headaches from long hours in front of computers and phones.

While protecting your eyes, these glasses also make a bold fashion statement with their retro-inspired silhouette. The round oversized shape is right on trend, providing plenty of coverage in a chic lens shape. The striking patterned frames come in an assortment of three colors including Black Marble, Pink Marble, and Grey Multi to suit your personal style.

Spring hinges allow the arms to gently flex for all day wearability. Rubberized tips keep the frames from slipping down your nose, while the light plastic construction remains comfy for hours of wear. At just 19mm wide, the bridge ensures the glasses sit securely without pinching your nose.

Not just for blocking blue light, the magnification strength of these readers also makes them perfect for relaxing activities like reading books, crafting, cooking, and more. Each set includes three pairs with lens powers of 0.0X, +1.0X, and +2.0X so you can choose the right strength for your needs.

With their oversized silhouette and chic color selection, no one has to know these are blue light blocking glasses! Slip them on for instant eye relief without compromising your style. Whether you stare at a screen all day or just enjoy your gadgets in the evening, give your eyes a break from digital strain.

Product Highlights:

– Oversized round blue light blocking frames
– 3 pairs with 0.0X, +1.0X, and +2.0X powers
– Yellow tinted lenses filter over 85% of blue light
– Spring hinges and rubberized tips for secure fit
– Chic patterned frame colors: Black Marble, Pink Marble, Grey Multi
– Reduces headaches and eye strain from screens/devices
– Ideal for reading, crafting, cooking, and more
– Bold yet subtle design blends protection and fashion

With Autojouls blue light blocking reading glasses, you can protect your vision without losing your sense of style. The chic oversized silhouette blends fashion and function in one easy-to-wear package. Give your eyes a break from digital strain in cute round frames!


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