Beonsale Flexible Unbreakable Optical Glasses for Kids Age 4-6


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Keep your active youngster seeing clearly with Beonsale’s flexible unbreakable optical glasses frame. Designed for kids ages 4-6 years old, these durable frames bend and flex to withstand whatever adventures your child dreams up. The lightweight TR90 frame material won’t break when stepped on or tossed in a backpack.

Bendable and Flexible

Beonsale’s children’s optical frame bends and twists without breaking. The flexible TR90 material returns to its original shape, so you don’t have to worry about your child accidentally damaging their glasses during play. Tough enough for recess and gym class, these unbreakable frames provide worry-free vision correction.

Shatterproof Lenses

Along with the flexible frame, these kids’ glasses also feature shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. The impact-resistant lenses protect your child’s eyes from balls, toys and other flying objects. Polycarbonate lenses are 10 times more impact resistant than plastic or glass lenses. You can relax knowing your child’s eyes are safe behind these durable lenses.

Glasses Stay In Place

Slipping glasses are a hassle, but the adjustable strap keeps these children’s optical glasses firmly in place. The latex-free strap adjusts for a customized fit that stays secure during activity. An included glasses case provides safe storage when not in use.

One-Piece Uni-Body Design

Beonsale’s children’s optical frame features a one-piece uni-body design with no screws or metal components. The streamlined frame front connects to flexible temples for a gap-free fit. With no screws that can come loose, you avoid having to make emergency trips to the optometrist for repairs.


This optical frame comes ready for customized prescription lenses. Simply provide your optometrist with the frame and your child’s lens specifications. Built-in measurements assist with ordering accurate prescription lenses for proper vision correction.

Adjustable Fit

The curved frame shape and adjustable strap provide a contoured fit. The frame’s ergonomic design prevents uncomfortable pinching at the temples. Soft rubber nose pads prevent slippage and keep the frame stable. Adjust the position until your child experiences clear and comfortable vision.

Lightweight Comfort

Weighing just 16 grams, these flexible frames remain comfortable all day long. The lightweight design prevents neck fatigue so your child can focus on play and learning without distractions.

Kid-Friendly Style

Available in three fun color combinations, these frames allow your child to showcase their unique personality. Choose from Pink/Purple, Blue/Orange or Purple/Green combinations. The trendy semi-rimless design looks good and complements any outfit.

Parent-Approved Quality

You can trust Beonsale kids’ optical frames to be durable, comfortable and effective at correcting your child’s vision. Made from quality materials that meet FDA impact standards for eyeglasses. Satisfaction guaranteed or return for a full refund within 60 days.

Provide your active child with optical eyewear designed for their on-the-go lifestyle. Beonsale’s flexible, shatterproof frames keep the focus on fun and learning by staying securely in place. Order a pair today for your kids ages 4-6!


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