Berkley Saluda Polarized Wrap Sunglasses


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When you’re out on the water, glare from the sun bouncing off the waves can be blinding. That’s why serious anglers need serious eyewear like the Berkley Saluda Polarized Wrap Sunglasses. With sleek wrap-around lenses and polarized technology, these sunglasses cut through glare to help you spot fish and structure more easily. And with their lightweight flexible design, they’re comfortable to wear all day long.

Sleek Wrap-Around Coverage

The Berkley Saluda sunglasses feature sleek wrap-around lenses that provide complete coverage from sun, wind, and debris. The curved shape hugs your face for a secure fit, while also maximizing your field of peripheral vision. Whether you’re casting from a bass boat or paddling downriver in a kayak, the Saluda sunglasses improve sightlines so you can better spot fish, logs, and other hazards around you.

Polarized Lenses Eliminate Glare

The polarized polycarbonate lenses on the Saluda sunglasses are essential for cutting through sun glare. When light reflects off water, it creates a disorienting scattering effect that can make it hard to see below the surface. Polarized lenses block these horizontal light waves so you can look through the surface glare and more clearly see structure, vegetation, and fish swimming below.

Durable and Lightweight Construction

Even with their wraparound coverage, the Saluda sunglasses maintain a lightweight feel thanks to their TR90 composite frame material. This thermoplastic is both flexible and durable, providing long-lasting performance that stands up to wear and tear. The sunglasses also feature soft rubber nose pads that prevent slipping while you’re active. Berkley added sturdy injected hinges where the earpieces connect to the front for increased strength and flexibility so the sunglasses hold their shape over time.

Designed for All-Day Comfort on the Water

From early morning bite to peak sun at midday, the Berkley Saluda sunglasses are designed to be worn comfortably for long periods. Their curved shape and rubber nose pads prevent pinching or pressure points. The earpieces also boast gripping material to keep the sunglasses firmly in place as you move your head to cast, paddle, and sight fish. Anglers can wear the Saludas all day on the boat and enjoy glare-free vision without neck strain or headaches.

Berkley Quality at a Great Value

For over 75 years, Berkley has delivered innovative fishing gear engineered to help anglers perform at their best. With the Saluda Polarized Wrap Sunglasses, they’ve created affordable eyewear loaded with the same premium technologies found in pricier brands. Whether you fish tournaments or just enjoy weekends on your local lake, these sunglasses enhance vision to help you spot fish others might miss. Pick up a pair to experience their polarized performance and complete sun protection for yourself.


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