Blokz Blue Light Filter Glasses – Anti Eye Strain for TV, Computer, Gaming – Upgrade Your Screen Time


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Do your eyes feel tired and strained after hours in front of digital screens? Do you struggle to fall asleep at night after looking at your phone or tablet before bed? Do you get frequent headaches from work computer use?

You’re not alone – prolonged exposure to artificial blue light from our devices can cause a range of eye discomfort and sleep issues. The solution? Blue light blocking glasses like Blokz!

Engineered to filter out harmful blue light and UV rays, Blokz are designed for all-day wear to protect your eyes while using digital screens. The lightweight TR90 memory plastic frame is durable yet comfortable for extended wear. The subtly tinted lenses block blue light without distorting colors or causing eyestrain like some overly dark glasses.

Blokz glasses are perfect for:

– Work computer use – prevent eye fatigue during long hours staring at a monitor
– Gaming sessions – reduce eye strain and headaches from screens
– TV viewing – protect eyes from LED/LCD blue light exposure
– Smartphone/tablet use – filter out sleep-disrupting blue light before bedtime

Studies show too much blue light exposure in the evening negatively impacts the circadian rhythm and melatonin production, making it harder to fall and stay asleep. Just wearing Blokz glasses for 2-3 hours before sleep can make a noticeable difference in sleep quality.

The Blokz Difference:
– Proprietary lens technology filters out 90% of harmful blue light while maintaining color accuracy and clarity
– Lightweight TR90 memory plastic frame is durable and comfortable for all day wear
– Anti-reflective and scratch/smudge resistant coatings
– Subtle lens tint minimizes color distortion
– Flexible arms with pressure-free padded temples prevent soreness
– Lenses block 100% UVA/UVB radiation

Why Choose Blokz Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

✔ PROTECTS EYES – Reduces digital eye strain, fatigue and headaches

✔ IMPROVES SLEEP – Blocks out blue light that disrupts natural sleep patterns

✔ GLARE REDUCTION – Special coatings reduce eye fatigue from screen glare

✔ UV PROTECTION – Lenses block 100% of UVA/UVB rays

✔ COMFORTABLE FIT – Flexible TR90 frame and padded arms

✔ 2 PAIRS – Convenient value pack for home, office, travel

With over 15,000 rave reviews, Blokz glasses have become the #1 bestseller for blue light protection. Join the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who’ve experienced the eye relief difference.

No more squinting, headaches, and tossing and turning when trying to sleep! Upgrade your screen time and protect your vision with Blokz blue light blocking glasses.


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