BLS BLUES Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – Stylish Computer Reader Eyewear for Work and Play


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Tired of getting headaches and eyestrain from too much screen time? The BLS BLUES Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses are here to help! These stylish readers filter out harmful blue light from digital devices, providing relief for your eyes while keeping you looking sharp.

The BLS BLUES utilize advanced lens technology to block 90% of blue light emissions from your laptop, phone, TV, and other electronics. Studies show extended exposure to blue light can lead to digital eye strain, fatigue, blurred vision, and sleep disruption. By filtering out these high-energy visible rays, BLS BLUES reading glasses prevent eye issues and help you sleep better at night. The result? Less eye pain and irritation so you can work and enjoy screens comfortably.

But protection is just one part of the picture. You also want reading glasses that look fantastic. BLS BLUES feature lightweight TR90 frames in a classic wayfarer silhouette that flatters all face shapes. The transparent frame fronts complement the transparent blue light filtering lenses, creating a sleek, seamless look. With 5 stylish colors to choose from including classic black, tortoiseshell, pink, purple, and green, you’ll have no problem finding a pair or two to match your personal style.

The BLS BLUES frames are also designed for comfort. Built-in spring hinges provide a secure customized fit for small, medium, and large heads. Rubber nose pads prevent slipping so you can wear your readers worry-free. At just 20g total weight, you’ll barely feel like you have them on!

Of course, looks and comfort aren’t helpful if you can’t see clearly. That’s why BLS BLUES feature scratch-resistant lenses carefully crafted to restore natural color balance and provide optical clarity. Magnifications range from +1.00 to +2.50 so you can pick the strength you need for work and hobbies. The lenses also have an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and eyestrain when using multiple screens.

From browsing on your laptop to watching movies on your tablet, BLS BLUES blue light filtering readers enhance vision while protecting your eyes. Here are just a few ways these versatile computer glasses can benefit you:

Office Work

Do your eyes ache after long days staring at a computer monitor? BLS BLUES help neutralize the intense blue light emitted from LCD displays so you can plow through spreadsheets and reports headache-free. The lightweight frames won’t leave divots on your nose even after hours of wear.

Gaming Marathons

Whether you game on PC, console, or mobile, blue light from the screen can take a toll on your eyes over time. Prevent dryness, blurriness, and fatigue during marathon sessions by equipping your gaming glasses with BLS BLUES blue light blocking lenses. You can keep fragging in comfort for hours!

Netflix Binges

It’s easy to overdo it on the Netflix binges. The next time you settle in for a 3-hour run of your favorite shows, protect your eyes from exposure to the high energy visible light emitted from your TV, tablet, or laptop by wearing BLS BLUES blue light filtering readers. Enjoy entertainment without squinting or strain.

Digital Detoxing

Need a digital detox but have to keep using your devices? BLS BLUES help make extended screen time more comfortable when you can’t completely unplug. The blue light blocking lenses act as a filter so you can work, study, or browse on your devices without as much eye irritation.

Nighttime Use

Blue light exposure at night from phones, tablets, and other screens makes it harder to fall and stay asleep. BLS BLUES reading glasses prevent blue light from suppressing melatonin production so you feel sleepier at bedtime. No more tossing and turning after late night Facebook scrolling!

Reading eBooks

Tablets like the iPad emit high levels of blue light that can lead to tired, strained eyes after reading for awhile. BLS BLUES filter out the blue light spectrum so you can enjoy reading books on your Kindle or other e-reader without headache or dry eye discomfort.

With BLS BLUES Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses, you don’t have to give up modern conveniences to protect your vision. These stylish computer reading glasses allow you to text, email, game, stream movies, and work on your laptop safer and more comfortably. Just put on a pair of BLS BLUES and experience immediate relief from eye fatigue and strain.

The benefits don’t stop there. Every purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. That means you can try out these blue light blocking readers risk-free. If you don’t love your BLS BLUES, just send them back for a full refund. You have nothing to lose!

Give your eyes a break and look good doing it with BLS BLUES Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses. Don’t suffer from preventable headaches, eyestrain, blurry vision, and sleep dysfunction. Protect your vision and see clearly today!


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