Bolle Sport Recoil Polarized Wrap Sunglasses


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Step into the sun with confidence and style wearing the Bolle Sport Recoil Polarized Wrap Sunglasses. Designed for performance and protection, these sleek sunglasses feature polarized lenses to eliminate glare and allow you to see clear, vivid details in any lighting conditions.

Shield Your Eyes in Style

The Bolle Sport Recoil Sunglasses have a sporty medium to large wrap-around shape designed to fit comfortably while securely hugging your face. Integrated thermogrip rubber on the nose pads and temples ensure these sunglasses stay firmly and comfortably in place even during intense physical activity. The lightweight yet durable polycarbonate lenses not only provide crystal clear vision, they also offer superior protection from impacts and UV exposure.

Superior Lens Technology

At the core of any great pair of sunglasses are the lenses. Bolle Sport utilizes high-quality polarized polycarbonate lenses to filter out glare and protect your eyes. Polycarbonate is a type of plastic known for its high impact resistance and optical clarity, making it an ideal material for eyewear lenses. The polarized filter embedded within the lenses blocks intense reflected light and glare from surfaces like water, snow, and pavement. This eliminates visual distractions and distortion to let you see true details, colors, and contrasts even in bright sunlight. With UVA/UVB protection up to 400nm, these lenses shield your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Enhanced Clarity on the Water

The Bolle Sport Recoil Polarized Sunglasses are particularly well suited for activities on the water. The reflective surface of water can generate a great deal of glare, but the specialized polarized lenses allow you to see clearly beneath the surface. Spot fish cruising by, admire marine life on reefs, and take in vivid colors while enjoying water sports. Reduced glare improves visual definition, bringing out details and beautiful underwater scenery.

Drive Comfortably Day or Night

Driving eyewear needs to cut through reflective glare from windshields, other vehicles, and wet roadways to prevent eye strain and driving hazards. The Bolle Sport Recoil Polarized Sunglasses enhance your view whether driving in bright daylight or overcast conditions. The lenses significantly reduce reflected and direct light for crisper scenery, improved traffic detail, and superior depth perception. Day or night, the road ahead will be clear and comfortable.

Safe Wrap-Around Coverage

The wrap-around shape of these sunglasses provides excellent coverage, blocking light and glare from all angles. Stray peripheral light diminishes contrast and strains eyes. The contoured shape hugged closely to your face creates a barrier that prevents distracting and distorting stray light from impairing your field of vision. Greater visual clarity and definition results in safer driving, sports, and outdoor activity.

One Year Warranty

Your investment in Bolle Sport Recoil Polarized Sunglasses includes the backing of a one year warranty. This guarantees your sunglasses against manufacturer defects in materials and craftsmanship. Enjoy outdoor adventures knowing Bolle Sport stands behind the quality of their eyewear.

Why Choose Bolle Sport Sunglasses?

For over 160 years Bolle has been crafting innovative high performance eyewear designed for sports and rigorous outdoor use. Advanced proprietary lens treatments and shielding technologies allow Bolle Sport sunglasses to be lightweight, durable, and provide visual clarity unmatched by standard sunglasses. From recreational to professional athletes and intense outdoor enthusiasts, Bolle Sport aims to meet the demands of active lifestyles.

The Bolle Sport Difference

Bolle Sport sunglasses represent the intersection of style, performance, and protection. Beyond UV shields and polarized lenses maximizing safety and clarity, Bolle incorporates proprietary innovations for next-level function:

Bolle TPP Coating – Permanent transparent and hydrophobic lens treatment repels grease, dust, and water while guarding against abrasion. Keeps lenses crystal clear in any conditions.

Bolle P80+ and P90+ Lens Protection – Exceeds standards for lens impact resistance for certified safety.

Bolle B-Max Lens Technology – Maximize available light transmission for unprecedented visual acuity.

Bolle B-Flex Rubber Components – Flexible thermogrip components prevent slipping while remaining comfortable through dramatic temperature changes.

Bolle Carbo Glas – Ultra-lightweight yet shatter-proof sunglass lenses.

Unparalleled Performance and Protection

Slipping on a pair of Bolle Sport Recoil Polarized Sunglasses means you are fully equipped to take on any intense sports, rugged outdoor activities, and driving adventures. The comfort, clarity, and coverage set the stage for your next challenge while guarding your vision against damage. Experience the Bolle difference today!


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