CARFIA Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids – Cute Eye Protection from Screens


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In today’s tech-centered world, kids are exposed to digital screens more than ever before. While fun and educational, prolonged exposure to blue light from phones, tablets, computers and TVs can lead to digital eye strain, sleep issues and other problems. Protect your child’s vision and sleep quality with CARFIA Blue Light Blocking Glasses! Designed just for kids ages 5-12, these cute frames provide superior filtering technology to reduce eye fatigue and improve wellbeing.

Advanced Blue Light Filtering
These kids’ computer glasses have special lenses that filter out 90% of high-energy blue light that emanates from digital screens. By blocking this harmful wavelength, the glasses alleviate eye strain, headaches and dryness to create comfortable extended screen time. Kids can enjoy games, online lessons and other activities without digital eye discomfort. The UV400 protection also filters 100% of UVA/UVB rays.

Supports Healthy Sleep
Blue light exposure before bedtime can disrupt natural circadian rhythms and melatonin production, making it harder for kids to fall asleep. Wearing blue light filtering glasses allows children to use digital devices in the evening with less impact on sleep quality. Say goodbye to bedtime struggles! The glasses also reduce exposure to flickering light that strains eyes over time.

Stylish, Durable Frames
The trendy TR90 frames feature a flexible, lightweight design in vivid colors that kids love. Unlike fragile plastic lenses, these durable glasses won’t break easily if stepped on or tossed in a backpack. The adjustable arms and nose pads ensure a custom fit for growing kids age 5 to 12 years. Your child will be begging to wear these fun blue light blocking glasses!

Reduces Eye Strain
Staring at a digital screen for too long can lead to tired, irritated eyes. CARFIA’s kids computer glasses have an Anti-Reflective coating that minimizes glare to keep eyes comfortable during long periods of screen time. The ergonomic design also encourages proper posture to avoid hunching over devices in uncomfortable positions that strain eyes.

Portable Case Included
Each order includes a protective carrying case so your child can easily take the blue light glasses to school or on trips. The hard case prevents the lenses from getting scratched up in a messy backpack. It’s also great for storing the glasses at home between uses.

Kid-Friendly Design
Children are much more likely to wear blue light glasses if they’re cute vs boring! These trendy unisex frames suit both girls and boys with a fun rainbow motif or solid colors like Glitter Purple and Matte Black. The included adjustable strap attaches to the arms to keep the glasses securely on small heads.

Give your child the gift of eye protection with CARFIA Blue Light Blocking Glasses! Don’t let harmful blue light from excessive screen time impact your kid’s vision, sleep and eye comfort. Order a pair of these stylish glasses today!


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