Caulo Replacement Ear Socks Compatible with Oakley OX3222, OX3232, OX3241, OX8097, OX8103 Sunglasses – Protect Your Ears in Comfort


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Slip on a pair of comfortable, custom-fit ear socks for your Oakley sunglasses. Caulo’s replacement ear socks are designed specifically for Oakley OX3222, OX3232, OX3241, OX8097, and OX8103 sunglass frames, providing a secure fit that protects your ears while keeping your shades in place during activity.

Custom Fit for Enhanced Comfort

Caulo ear socks are made from soft, flexible silicone that molds to the unique contours of your ears for a custom fit. The sleek, low-profile design prevents chafing and discomfort, while the tacky interior helps grip your skin so your sunglasses stay put during sports, workouts, and outdoor adventures.

Easy Installation and Secure Fit

Simply slide off your original ear socks and replace them with Caulo’s ear sleeves. No tools or hardware required. The ear sock’s snug fit keeps your Oakley shades firmly in place as you move, preventing slipping and bouncing. Integral silicone nose pads further enhance stability.

Sleek, Durable Construction

Caulo ear socks feature a durable silicone construction that retains its shape and provides long-lasting comfort. The smooth exterior profile gives your Oakleys a clean, streamlined look.

Universal Compatibility

This set includes one pair (left and right ear sock) that is compatible with the following Oakley frames:

  • OX3222 Oakley Steel Plate
  • OX3232 Oakley Base Plane
  • OX3241 Oakley Base Plane R
  • OX8097 Oakley Steel Line S
  • OX8103 Oakley Steel Line R

Simply verify your Oakley model number to ensure compatibility.

Trusted Quality from Caulo

With years of experience making replacement parts and accessories for premium eyewear brands, Caulo is a name you can trust. Our products meet rigorous quality control standards and are backed by excellent customer service.

The Caulo Advantage

Upgrade your Oakley eyewear with Caulo replacement ear socks and enjoy these benefits:

  • Custom comfort fit hugs your ears
  • Stays in place during activity and workouts
  • Soft, flexible silicone prevents chafing
  • Sleek, integrated design
  • Easy to install – no tools required
  • Durable construction for long life
  • Compatible with Oakley OX3222, OX3232, OX3241, OX8097, OX8103
  • Trusted Caulo quality

One Year Warranty

Your purchase is protected by a 12 month replacement warranty. Contact Caulo customer service regarding any product defects.

Choose the Comfort of Caulo

Experience the difference Caulo ear socks make – order with confidence today. Our ear sleeves allow you to enjoy your Oakley shades in lasting comfort and style.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: Will these ear socks fit my Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL sunglasses?

Answer: Unfortunately no, these Caulo ear socks are only compatible with the Oakley models listed: OX3222, OX3232, OX3241, OX8097, and OX8103. They will not fit Half Jacket 2.0 XL frames. Caulo does make ear socks for other Oakley models, so I’d recommend searching our listings for the correct replacement parts for your sunglasses.

Question: How do I know whether to order a left or right ear sock?

Answer: This listing includes 1 pair, meaning you get both a left and a right ear sock. You don’t need to order left/right separately. Just verify that your Oakley frame model number matches one of the compatible styles listed.

Question: Will these ear socks also fit the Oakley Flight Jacket sunglasses?

Answer: Unfortunately no, the Caulo ear socks in this listing are not cross compatible with the Oakley Flight Jacket. We do offer separate replacement ear socks designed specifically for use with Oakley Flight Jacket frames, so I would do a search for that model number to find the correct ear sleeves for those sunglasses.

Question: What is the width of each ear sock?

Answer: Each ear sock in this set has a width of 15mm at the widest point. They taper down to a narrower profile for comfortable fit.

Question: How long do the ear socks last before needing to be replaced again?

Answer: With proper care, the Caulo silicone ear socks should provide at least 1-2 years of use before needing to be replaced. The life span depends on factors like frequency of wear and exposure to elements. Avoid excessive pull/tugging when putting your sunglasses on or taking them off to prevent premature wear.

Question: I lost one ear sock, can I buy just a single replacement?

Answer: Unfortunately Caulo only sells these are as a pair. If you need a single replacement ear sock, I’d recommend contacting Oakley customer service to see if they can provide one individually. Otherwise you’ll need to purchase the full pair from Caulo.

Question: What colors do these ear socks come in?

Answer: This listing is for the solid black Caulo ear socks. We have additional options available in clear and black/grey camo – you can see all the colors by clicking on the Caulo brand name above.


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