Clic Original Magnetic Reading Glasses – Effortless Readers That Click On and Stay Put


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Tired of wasting time rummaging for misplaced reading glasses? Clic Magnetic Readers end the hunt for good. Just click the frames on and off your face thanks to the ingenious front magnet design.

When not in use, the rigid wrap-around headband keeps your Clics close around your neck. No more searching under papers or between couch cushions. Have your readers always ready to slide on in a snap.

Beyond the clever magnetic connection, Clic Original Reading Glasses offer complete eyewear convenience:

Fully Adjustable Temples Customize the Fit

Stop dealing with readers that pinch and slip. Clic temple arms slide out to customize the width and shape for your head size.

Once adjusted, the arms stay securely in place. Just click the magnets on and enjoy a personalized no-slip fit. No more pinching and gaps at the sides.

Lightweight Frames and Arms for All Day Comfort

The durable TR90 frame remains flexible to bend and adjust to your face. The material also keeps the frames ultralight, so they feel barely noticeable when worn.

The transparent PC arms disappear at the sides for an unobstructed view. The flexible composite material is also lightweight and durable.

Together the frame and arms prevent uncomfortable pressure and leave no visible outline when worn. Forget you even have readers on thanks to the featherlight Clic frames.

Fold Up or Down For Added Versatility

Clic Reading Glasses feature unique 180 degree hinges. This lets the lenses fold up into the frame or down around the neckband.

Tuck your glasses up out of the way when not in use. Or have them hang conveniently within reach for quick access. The fold-flat design also enables easy storage in pockets or cases without damaging the frames.

Protects Lenses from Scratches

The acrylic lenses resist scratches, fractures, and shattering. Enjoy long lasting clarity free from mars and distortion.

The fold up/down function also keeps the lenses safely stowed away when not needed. So you don’t have to worry about tossing them in bags or accidental drops.

Interchangeable Lenses Let You Adjust Strength

As your vision evolves, just swap out the magnetic lenses for an updated prescription strength. No need for an entirely new pair.

Keep your Clic frames while refreshing the lenses. This saves you money while reducing plastic waste.

Comfortable and Lightweight for All Day Wear

Wear your Clic Readers comfortably all day long whether:

– Working on screens and documents at the office
– Reading in bed at home
– Browsing your phone anywhere
– Shopping and running errands
– Performing hobbies and crafts
– Enjoying outdoor recreation

The lightweight durable construction prevents discomfort and accommodate most head sizes.

Ditch Struggling with Conventional Readers

No more dealing with readers that:

– Fall off and get lost
– Pinch your nose and ears
– Fog up easily
– Get scratched up in bags
– Need frequent lens upgrades

Clic Magnetic Readers solve it all! Just click and go for readers that actually stay handy and comfortable all day long.

Size Chart:

– Small: Head circumference 21.3″ – 22.8″
– Medium: Head circumference 22″ – 23.6″

To determine your size, measure around the fullest part of your head. Select the size that matches your head circumference.

The adjustable arms accommodate a wide range of sizes. But be sure to refer to the measurements to select the ideal Clic frame size.

For larger sizes, check out the Clic Long and Expandable frames. Clic offers magnetic reader convenience and comfort in sizes to fit everyone!


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