COJWIS Blue Light Blocking Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses for Computer and Phone Use


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Do you find yourself squinting to see the computer screen or phone? Are your eyes feeling strained and tired after long periods of reading or screen time? Introducing the COJWIS progressive multifocal reading glasses with blue light blocking – the perfect solution for all-day wear!

These innovative reading glasses feature a progressive multifocal design, with three zones in each lens to provide clear vision at any distance. The upper zone has a light reading power for distance. The middle zone has an intermediate power for computer use. And the lower zone has a full reading power for close-up tasks. So whether you’re walking around, watching TV, using your laptop, or reading a book, everything will be in crisp, sharp focus. No more constantly changing glasses or tilting your head to see!

The lenses also have a subtle yellow tint that blocks up to 100% of harmful blue light from digital devices. This helps reduce digital eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, and sleep disruption. You’ll be able to use your electronics in comfort for longer periods. The tint also enhances contrast, improving how you see details and colors. It’s like built-in visual ergonomics!

Key Features:

– Progressive multifocal design with 3 visual zones for any distance
– Blue light blocking filters 100% of harmful blue light
– Subtle yellow tint enhances visual contrast and clarity
– Lightweight TR90 memory plastic frame for durability and comfort
– Spring hinges flex to fit any face shape without squeezing
– Anti-scratch, anti-reflective, UV400 protection coated lenses
– Available in powers from +1.00 to +2.75 for varying needs

Whether you need a little boost for the computer, reading help for books, or an all-day pair to wear for everything, these progressive reading glasses have you covered. The frames come in a variety of colors like black, brown, and tortoiseshell to suit any style.

Simply choose your lens power, receive your glasses within days, and say goodbye to eye strain! With their versatility and blue light blocking abilities, the COJWIS multifocals are perfect for:

– Work – Viewing documents, spreadsheets, presentations
– School – Studying notes, textbooks, whiteboards
– Phone Use – Texting, emails, games, social media
– Computer Use – Programming, data analysis, graphic design
– Reading – Books, newspapers, magazines, recipes
– Driving – Reading signs, GPS navigation, reducing glare
– Watching TV – Enhancing screen viewing
– Hobbies – Sewing, woodwork, arts and crafts

Go from room to room, task to task, and distance to distance with ease. The COJWIS progressive reading glasses equip you with sharp vision for any activity. Their comfortable memory plastic frames stay in place without pinching. The spring hinges gently flex to fit the contours of your face. You’ll barely notice you have them on!

Ditch the eye strain, headaches, and constantly swapping glasses. Improve your vision clarity and comfort with the COJWIS Blue Light Blocking Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses today!


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