COJWIS Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – 5 Pack of Stylish Readers for Computer and Phone Use


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Tired, strained eyes? COJWIS comes to the rescue with their 5-pack of chic reading glasses that filter out harmful blue light. Now you can relieve eye fatigue while looking fabulous! Each pair features on-trend colorful frames plus magnification lenses for clear vision.

Designed to protect your eyes while using digital devices, these readers block exposure to the peak blue light wavelengths that lead to headaches and sleep issues. The result is comfortable viewing whether you’re working on the computer, reading your tablet, or texting on your phone – no more squinting at screens or spending half the night wide awake.

Key Benefits:

  • Blocks blue light from digital devices like PCs, tablets, cell phones
  • Alleviates eye strain, headaches, dryness, blurry vision
  • Allows safe levels of light for crisp, glare-free vision
  • Classic stylish readers in 5 fun color choices
  • Lightweight with durable spring hinges
  • Precise magnification for reading and close work

COJWIS developed an innovative blue light coating that filters out the 430-480 nm light most likely to cause visual fatigue and sleep cycle disruption. As soon as you put on these computer reading glasses, the lenses go to work blocking excessive blue light wavelengths so you can see clearly and comfortably.

Whether you spend your days working on spreadsheets, evenings FaceTiming with friends, or leisurely weekend afternoons browsing social media, these lightweight readers have your eyes covered. The scratch-resistant lenses restore true color and reduce glare while ensuring the sharpest vision possible.

Flattering, Functional Frames:

Who said reading glasses have to be boring? With COJWIS, you get magnification plus style. The flattering half frames are fashionable for both men and women and offered in five chic color choices – black, gray, blue, purple, and red.

Despite the delicate wireframe design, the glasses are made to last thanks to flexible, durable spring hinges. The comfortable fit over the ears stays secure while allowing flexibility to fold the readers and tuck them into pockets or small bags. Each pair weighs just 18g for easy all-day wearability.

Custom Magnification Options:

With a complete range of magnification powers from 1.0 up to 4.0, you can select the perfect lenses for your vision needs. COJWIS precision-cuts each polycarbonate lens for flawless magnification accuracy to reduce eye strain. Whether you have trouble seeing a menu in dim lighting or reading tiny text messages on your smartphone, these readers bring everything into sharp HD clarity.

Don’t struggle with small print – or sacrifice style for vision. Slip on a pair of COJWIS computer reading glasses for instant eye protection and effortless chic wherever you go! Try them risk-free with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.


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