Dadop 96 Pairs of Soft Foam Self-Adhesive Nose Pads for Comfortable, Non-Slip Eyeglass Wear


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Keep your glasses comfortably in place while avoiding skin irritation and makeup smudges with the Dadop 96 Pairs of Glasses Nose Pads. This convenient set includes 96 pairs of soft foam nose pads in oval, half-moon, and teardrop shapes. With two color options, you can easily match or customize the look of any eyewear frames.

The ultra-soft foam material provides cushioned support that reduces pressure on the nose bridge for long-wearing comfort. The sponge texture also prevents annoying slipping – no more having your eyeglasses slide down constantly! The lightweight self-adhesive pads stick securely to metal or plastic frames withoutresidue. Simply peel and press to apply.

Customizable for Any Frames
With 96 pairs in a variety of shapes and colors, you can mix and match to suit any type of metal or plastic eyeglasses. The oval shape works for most frames. Half-moon nose pads are ideal for large bridge sizes or wider nose pads. The teardrop shape offers more coverage and stability for plastic frames or sunglasses. Layer multiple nose pads for extra thickness and support if needed.

Comfortable, Pressure-Free Fit
The soft foam cushioning avoids irritation, discomfort or bruising on the nose from prolonged eyeglass wear. The sponge material keeps the frames lightly lifted off the skin, preventing indentations and allowing airflow. No more painful pressure points or skin redness! The self-adhesive design prevents slippage so you can focus on your tasks, without frequently pushing up sliding glasses.

No Sliding, No Smudging
The textured material grips skin securely so glasses stay in position. No more dealing with eyeglasses constantly slipping down your nose! The soft sponge also eliminates smudged makeup on the nose bridge area. You can wear your eyeglasses comfortably all day long without messing up your look.

Quick and Easy Application
Applying the nose pads is fast and simple – no tools needed. Just peel off the backing paper and press onto the nose bridge area or existing nose pads. The adhesive sticks firmly and won’t leave residue if removed. Replacement is just as easy when pads get dirty or worn out. Simply replace individual nose pads or switch out shapes and colors for a whole new look!

Risk-Free Purchase
We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and refund policy to ensure you love your new nose pads. If you aren’t completely happy, contact us for an exchange or full refund anytime.

Ditch the discomfort and annoyance of ill-fitting nose pads and upgrade to these self-adhesive foam options by Dadop. With multiple shapes and colors, you can customize the fit and style for any eyeglasses frame. The soft cushioning provides just the right amount of grip and lift for a naturally comfortable, no-slip fit all day long. Order now and avoid skin irritation, smudging, and constant adjustments forever! Your glasses will stay practical yet comfortable at work, home or your next adventure.


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