DOOViC Italy Design Reading Glasses – Stylish Frames for Women and Men


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Look as sharp as your vision with the DOOViC Italy Design Reading Glasses. These fashionable readers combine form and function with their crystal clear lenses and trendy transparent frames. Whether you’re scanning documents at the office or curled up with the latest bestseller, these readers allow you to see clearly while making a bold fashion statement.

Uniquely Stylish Design

An eye-catching addition to any outfit, the DOOViC reading glasses feature a transparent frame and arms with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind pattern. The sleek yet bold look is right on trend with modern fashion. The transparent quality adds lightness, showcasing the patterned arms. Walk into a room and all eyes will be drawn to your face when you’re rocking these specs.

Crystal Clear Premium Lenses

See every word with incredible clarity thanks to the DOOViC’s premium resin lenses. Specially designed to reduce glare, the lenses offer distortion-free viewing so you can read in comfort for hours. The scratch-resistant coating protects your lenses from damage so they maintain their transparency. Whether you wear them daily or just occasionally, the lenses stay clear with minimal smudging or fogging.

Customizable Strength Options

The DOOViC reading glasses are available in a range of strengths to match your vision needs:

+1.00 for minimal magnification just to bring text into sharper focus
+1.50 for mild near-vision support
+2.00 for moderate magnification best for reading books and documents
+2.50 for optimal magnification when you need an extra boost to see small text clearly
+3.00 for maximum magnification on extra challenging vision days

With strength options from 1.00 up to 3.00, you can select the perfect level of visual support. Chat with your optometrist about which strength will suit your needs if you’re unsure.

Lightweight and Durable Construction

Built to last and designed for all day wear, the DOOViC reading glasses are crafted from premium lightweight materials. The transparent nylon frame feels featherlight when worn, so you’ll barely notice you have them on. Durable beta titanium temples and sturdy yet flexible hinges add strength. These glasses can withstand being tossed in your bag or bouncing around in your pocket without getting bent out of shape.

Stay Put Design for a Comfortable Fit

Slip on the DOOViC readers and they’ll stay perfectly in place with their stay put design. The adjustable silicone nose pads prevent any slipping or sliding down your nose bridge. Shaped temples contour gently around your ears for a customized feel. You’ll forget you even have readers on when you wear a pair of DOOViCs. No need for constant repositioning when your glasses fit like they’re custom made for your face.

Chic Hard Case for Protection

Keep your new reading glasses safe and secure thanks to the included hard case. The sturdy case prevents crushing damage when stashed in your purse or packed in luggage. The compact rectangular case features a textured finish that resists scratches. Embossed branding adds style. Your readers stay dust-free inside the enclosed case.

Complete Kit for Reader Care

Get everything you need to care for your new DOOViC reading glasses with the included accessories. A soft microfiber cloth cleans the lenses free of dirt, dust, fingerprints, and smudges. Use it daily or stash it in your case for on-the-go cleanings. Also included is a glasses holder strap that keeps your specs in place around your neck when not in use. With the case, cloth, and holder, your readers stay in great shape.

Worry-Free Shopping

Confidently click add to cart knowing the DOOViC reading glasses are backed by a money-back guarantee. Try them for 30 days and if you’re not completely satisfied, return them for a full refund or replacement. Available in a variety of magnification strengths, frame colors, and sizes, you can find the perfect fit for your needs. With their sleek styling and crystal clear magnification, the DOOViC readers make seeing clearly look effortlessly fashionable.


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