Durable Black Metal Temples for Eyeglass Frame Repair – 1 Pair


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Tired of flimsy plastic temples breaking on your eyeglasses? Upgrade to these sturdy metal replacement temples for long-lasting durability. Crafted from high-grade black metal alloy, these replacement eyeglass arms slide easily onto standard frames for hassle-free DIY repair.

The sleek black finish blends seamlessly with any frame color while the ergonomic curved shape provides a comfortable fit behind your ears. Precision-engineered with super tough, impact-resistant construction, these universal replacement temples outlast regular plastic arms through years of daily wear and tear.

Whether you need to fix broken glasses or customize stale frames, these handy black metal temples revitalize your eyewear. Simple to install for amateurs and pros alike. Suitable for both classic and modern eyeglass designs. Order now for a handy pair of backup replacement arms to stash in your repair kit or tackle a frame makeover project.


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