DXYXYO Stylish Cat Eye Reading Glasses for Women – 3 Pack Blue Light Blocking Computer Readers


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Stand out from the crowd with DXYXYO’s stylish and retro cat eye reading glasses! This chic 3-pack includes 3 pairs of blue light blocking readers so you’ll always have a pair handy at home, the office, or in your car. The oversized cateye frames are both fashionable and functional.

Read in Style and Comfort

Who says reading glasses have to be boring? These cat eye readers prove you can look fab while also giving your eyes a boost. The trendy cat eye shape has a vintage yet modern vibe. The frame bridges are adjustable to ensure a custom fit. Lightweight and durable plastic won’t weigh you down. Spring hinges provide a flexible, comfortable fit that won’t pinch behind the ears. Now you can read in unmatched comfort and style!

Block Harmful Blue Light

In today’s digital world, our eyes are exposed to excessive blue light emissions from phones, tablets, computers, and TVs. This high-energy visible light can cause eyestrain, headaches, and disrupted sleep patterns. DXYXYO’s readers have integrated blue light blocking lenses to filter out 90% of harmful blue light. This allows you to read, work, and browse with greater visual comfort. Plus the lenses reduce glare to combat eye fatigue. Give your eyes a much-needed break!

Multiple Magnification Options

No two eyes are exactly the same, so DXYXYO offers these cat eye readers in a range of lens powers. Choose from magnifications of +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, and +3.00. There’s an ideal strength for reading newspapers, books, magazines, menus, text messages, emails, paperwork and anything else in your busy life. The lower powers work well for seeing near, while stronger options aid reading fine print.

Packed with Convenient Extras

Tired of misplaced readers? This set includes 3 pairs of cat eye glasses so you’ll never be without your pair. Keep one bedside, one at the office, and one in your handbag or car. Each order also includes a soft eyeglass cleaning cloth and protective case for every pair. The cases allow for safe storage and transportation. With DXYXYO you get incredible value for your money. Why buy a single pair when you can have three for less?

Ideal for Work, Home & Play

You’ll get endless use out of these stylish and functional blue light computer glasses:

  • Working on reports, spreadsheets & presentations
  • Reading books, newspapers & magazines
  • Browsing your phone, tablet & laptop
  • Crafting, sewing & hobbies
  • Reading menus at restaurants
  • Checking social media & emails
  • Reading ingredients in the grocery store
  • Poring over travel itineraries & maps

With 3 pairs, keep one everywhere you need help reading!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our retro cat eye blue light glasses 100%. Try this 3-pack completely risk free. If you aren’t completely thrilled, return them for a full refund or replacement. Input your magnification strength during checkout. Then enjoy clearer, more comfortable vision while protecting your eyes. At this price, why not give your peepers a stylish boost? Add DXYXYO’s readers to your cart today!


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