EFLAL Multifocal Progressive Men Gunmetal Business Square Half Rim 3 in One UV400 Transition Photochromic Reading Glass


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Tired of having to switch between multiple pairs of glasses just to see clearly both near and far? Struggling with blurry vision when trying to read a menu in dim lighting? With the EFLAL Multifocal Progressive Men’s Gunmetal Business Square Half Rim Glasses, you’ll enjoy sharp vision whether you’re reading a book or driving at night.

These innovative 3-in-1 multifocal progressive lenses accommodate both near and far vision in one pair of stylish gunmetal frames. The upper part of the lens is optimized for distance vision, while the lower portion provides a gradual add of power for effortless reading and close-up work. The smooth progression of vision correction between different zones makes for a seamless transition when looking between things at varying distances. No more tilting your head back to see through a tiny reading spot!

But the benefits of these spectacular specs don’t stop there. They also feature advanced UV400 transition photochromic technology that automatically darkens the lenses when exposed to UV light. This provides relief from glare and enhances contrast, adapting seamlessly to changing light conditions. Go from the bright outdoors to a dimly lit restaurant and maintain crisp, distortion-free vision.

With just these glasses alone, you’ll be covered from sunrise to sunset. But you’ll also look great while enjoying this versatile eyewear. The business casual squared gunmetal frames exude understated style. Ideal for both work and weekend wear, this smart design features contemporary masculine lines for a polished yet relaxed look. Easy to dress up or down. The half rim frame is both modern and lightweight, designed for supreme comfort.

See the difference advanced lens technology makes. With features like:

– Multifocal Progressive Design: No more constantly switching glasses! The upper lens is optimized for distance vision, while the lower portion provides a seamless add of power for reading. Enjoy seamless transition between different zones.

– UV400 Transition Photochromic: Lenses automatically darken when exposed to UV light, providing relief from glare and enhancing contrast. Perfect for changing conditions.

– Anti-Reflective Coating: Minimizes reflections and eye fatigue. Enhances contrast and color perception.

– Scratch Resistant: Multi-layer coating increases surface hardness to prevent scratches and maintain longevity.

– Distortion Free: Precisely engineered to keep images and text sharp, even in your peripheral vision. No warped lines or blurriness.

– Lightweight Comfort: Half rim frame design is both modern and comfortable to wear all day long. Adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slipping.

– Premium Gunmetal Color: Contemporary squared styling in a luxurious gunmetal tone. Complements both casual and business wear.

– FDA Registered: Meets FDA requirements as Class 1 medical eyewear. Made from quality materials for safety.

– Anti-Fatigue Solution: Alleviate eye strain whether reading, on the computer, or driving. Ideal for contact lens wearers.

– Reduces Squinting: Automatically filters bright light to reduce squinting. Perfect for light sensitivity.

With over 1,000 5-star reviews, customers love these do-it-all multifocal glasses:

“I previously needed separate glasses for distance, reading, and driving at night. These progressive lenses cover it all! Takes some getting used to but so convenient.”

“These adaptive glasses are amazing! They adjust to lighting changes instantly. No more constant swapping when the sun goes down.”

“I work on the computer all day and my eyes get tired quickly. These glasses make work much easier on my eyes!”

“Love the gunmetal color. Very stylish yet subtle. Lightweight and comfortable too.”

“So practical having one pair that does distance and reading. I wear them everywhere now.”

Ditch the hassle of multiple eyewear and enjoy sharp vision morning to night with the EFLAL Multifocal Progressive Reading Glasses. Designed to tackle age-related vision changes in style.

Product Details:

  • Lens Material: Plastic
  • Lens Width: 58mm
  • Bridge: 15mm
  • Lens Height: 38mm
  • Total Width: 145mm
  • Frame Material: TR90 Nylon
  • Frame Color: Gunmetal
  • Gender: Men
  • Style: Business, Hipster, Professional, Retro
  • Lens Color: Semi-transparent Grey
  • Weight: 24g
  • Package Dimensions: 7 x 3 x 2 inches

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Multifocal Progressive Reading Glasses
  • 1 x Glasses Cloth
  • 1 x Glasses Case
  • 1 x mini Screwdriver
  • 1 x Instructions Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

How do progressive lens work?

Progressive lenses provide a smooth transition of vision power from top to bottom. The upper area is optimized for distance viewing, while the lower portion provides add power for reading/close-up work. The intermediate zone allows clear vision at arm’s length.

Do they work right away?

It takes most people 3-5 days to adapt to progressive lenses. Your brain needs time to get used to blending the different prescription zones. Be patient, vision should improve quickly.

Can I drive at night with these?

Absolutely! The photochromic lenses automatically adjust their tint based on lighting conditions. This helps improve night driving vision.

What is the add power of the reading zone?

These have a +1.50 add, ideal for most people 40+ years old needing help seeing things up close. Reading add can be customized if needed.

What UV protection level do they have?

These glasses block 100% of UVA/UVB rays with UV400 protection. This exceeds industry standards.

Do they work for looking at a computer screen?

Yes, the intermediate zone provides sharp vision at computer distance. Reduce eye fatigue whether reading or on screens.

Can I wear them over prescription glasses?

Unfortunately, these do not fit comfortably over prescription eyewear. We recommend prescription progressive lenses instead.

Don’t struggle with blurry vision or constant glasses swapping. Get crisp visual clarity both day and night with the EFLAL Multifocal Progressive Reading Glasses!


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