ESAVIA Bifocal Reading Sunglasses – Wrap Around Mirrored Lenses Provide Crystal Clear Vision for Men


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Struggling to see up close and at a distance with just one pair of glasses? Tired of swapping between your reading and sunglasses when going outside? ESAVIA’s bifocal reading sunglasses are the 2-in-1 solution for men needing magnification readers and UV protection in one convenient pair.

The lower half bifocal lenses make reading, hobbies, and detail work easier by providing magnification for close-up vision. The upper regular tint lenses allow clear distance viewing. Easily scan between near and far sight, whether you’re reading outdoors or driving to your fishing spot. No more keeping track of multiple pairs of eyewear!

In addition to their bifocal design, these sunglasses also provide full sun protection. The mirrored wrap around lenses block 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays that can damage your eyes and skin. A blue light coating offers relief from digital eyestrain. The sunglasses lenses automatically darken in sunlight then return to a clear tint when indoors.

ESAVIA’s reading sunglasses are perfect for active outdoor pursuits like golf, cycling, driving, fishing, and more. The curved wraparound frame design creates a secure fit that stays put during movement and activity. The TR90 frame material is ultra lightweight and flexible for long-wearing comfort.

Key Features:

  • Bifocal Reading Magnification: Lower lenses allow clear near vision for reading, hobbies, and detail work. Upper lenses provide unobstructed distance viewing.
  • Mirrored UV400 Lenses: Block 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays while reducing glare. Automatic darkening lenses react to sunlight then turn clear indoors.
  • Blue Light Blocking: Special lens coating filters out blue light emitted from digital screens to reduce eyestrain.
  • Wrap Around TR90 Frames: Curved shape and flexible TR90 material create a secure active fit. Available in two versatile color options.
  • Impact Resistant Lenses: Durable TAC lenses resist scratches and damage during everyday wear.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing just 26g, you’ll barely notice these glasses on your face.

Tired of having to switch between multiple pairs of eyewear? With ESAVIA’s 2-in-1 bifocal sunglasses, you can simplify your eye wear routine. The lower magnifying bifocal lenses make reading mail, maps, and books a breeze, while the upper regular tint lenses provide unobstructed distance viewing. Whether you’re gazing at mountain views or tying a fishing hook, you’ll see clearly near and far.

The mirrored wrap around lenses instantly darken when exposed to sunlight, providing UV400 protection against harsh rays when outdoors. A special coating also filters out blue light from digital screens and devices to prevent headaches and eye fatigue.

The lightweight TR90 frame material is flexible and durable for active use. It bends and flexes then returns to its original shape. Two versatile color options – grey and blue – complement any man’s unique style.

ESAVIA’s bifocal sunglasses are perfect for activities like:

  • Driving – Read signs and see the dash while also viewing the road ahead
  • Fishing – Tie lures and rig gear easily, while spotting fish in the distance
  • Cycling – Check maps and bike computers with magnified lower lenses
  • Golfing – Read scorecards and see slopes while lining up putts
  • Outdoor Adventures – Get UV protection during hiking, boating, climbing, and more

You’ll love:

  • All-in-one vision – Bifocal lenses for crisp close and distance sight
  • Instant sun protection – Mirrored lenses automatically darken outdoors
  • Active fit – Flexible TR90 frame material and wrap around shape
  • Reduced eyestrain – Special coating blocks digitally emitted blue light
  • Lightweight – Glasses weigh just 26g for comfortable wear
  • Scratch resistant – Durable impact resistant TAC lenses
  • 2 color choices – Stylish grey and blue options

Why juggle multiple pairs of eyewear? With ESAVIA’s 2-in-1 bifocal reading sunglasses, you can enjoy both magnification and UV protection in one convenient, lightweight pair. The bifocal design provides crisp vision whether up close or far away. Mirrored lenses shield your eyes from harsh sun outdoors and filter eye-fatiguing blue light indoors.

Order your ESAVIA bifocal reading sunglasses today to simplify your vision, protect your eyes, and see clearly for all life’s adventures. With a 30 day money back guarantee, your purchase is risk free!


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