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Stylish and Functional Reading Glasses for All-Day Comfort

Tired of squinting to read restaurant menus, medication labels, text messages, books or anything else? Struggling with eye strain from computer work? It may be time to get your first pair of reading glasses or upgrade from the drugstore readers you’ve been making do with. Luckily, the eyebobs Bumfuzzle Reading Glasses offer a stylish and comfortable solution for men and women who need vision support for close-up tasks and hobbies.

Specifically Designed for Average-Sized Faces

What sets the Bumfuzzle readers apart is the carefully calculated frame size and shape. The round lenses measure 45mm wide x 43mm high, ideal for fitting most medium-sized faces without glare or distortion in your peripheral vision. The smooth acetate frame wraps around the face comfortably without pinching at the temples. For precision sizing, the temples measure 140mm. Whether you’re a man or woman, these unisex eyeglasses will feel like they were made just for you!

Premium Details Set Our Readers Apart

From the polished acetate frame to the scratch-resistant lenses, the eyebobs Bumfuzzle Reading Glasses offer quality that can’t be beat. The frames come in three versatile color options – Bittersweet Tortoise, matte black and cardamom fade – featuring five-barrel spring hinges for durability and grip. The polycarbonate lenses have an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare when using digital devices. Each pair also includes a protective hard case and microfiber cleaning cloth so you can keep them looking pristine.

Experience the eybobs Difference

Since 2001, the Southern California-based eyewear company eybobs has been bringing affordable style to the eyewear market. Frustrated by the lack of reasonably-priced options between cheap drugstore readers and expensive designer brands, they set out to create fashion-forward reading glasses, blue light blocking glasses and sunglasses with premium quality at non-premium prices.

What truly sets eybobs apart is their innovative in-house design team. They pour creative passion into every new frame design, using inspiration from the founders’ global travels. The results are fresh, modern eyewear silhouettes you won’t find anywhere else. If you appreciate artsy style and clever details like printed interior temple patterns, you’ll love wearing eybobs.

Find Your Perfect Strength with Our Wide Range of Magnifications

The eyebobs Bumfuzzle Reading Glasses are available in a wide range of diopters, making it easy to find the magnification strength that’s ideal for your needs:

  • 1.00x for minimal magnification
  • 1.25x for reading medicine bottles and menus
  • 1.50x for reading books and newspapers
  • 1.75x for reading instructions and work documents
  • 2.00x for stronger reading power
  • 2.50x for advanced magnification
  • 3.00x for the highest level of magnification

We recommend selecting a strength where you can comfortably read small text at your preferred working distance. Need help choosing? Our sizing guide can assist you in finding your ideal magnification power.

Where Can Bumfuzzle Reading Glasses Be Worn?

Part of what makes the eyebobs Bumfuzzle Reading Glasses so popular is their versatile style that works for:

  • Reading at home – Curl up with a book or e-reader in style
  • Using your computer – Reduce eye fatigue from screens
  • Reading on the go – Discreetly put them on to view menus, maps, etc.
  • Hobbies – See tiny details for crafting, model-building and more
  • At work – Look professional while relieving eye strain

The lightweight acetate frame and scratch-resistant lenses also make them ideal for active lifestyles. Throw them in your bag for use anywhere vision support could be helpful.

Try the Bumfuzzle Readers Risk-Free!

We stand behind the quality of our eyebobs Bumfuzzle Reading Glasses and offer a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee. That means if you don’t absolutely love your new readers, just send them back for a full refund or exchange.

Stop squinting and enjoy better vision clarity and comfort every day. Click the “Add to Cart” button now to get these stylish and amazingly functional reading glasses for women, men or anyone who needs them. Your eyes will thank you!


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