eyebobs Case Closed (Wide) Reading Glasses – Stylish Frames for Legally Minded Fashion Lovers


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Step into the courtroom in style with the Case Closed Wide reading glasses from eyewear innovators eyebobs. With their bold, round frames and sleek acetate construction, these glasses make a statement worthy of a closing argument.

Frames That Make Your Case

The Case Closed eyewear frames have a confident, retro-inspired silhouette designed to complement wide faces. Measuring 141mm wide, the round acetate frames extend beyond the curves of your cheeks to create a curved “l”-shape when viewed from the front. With a bridge width of 19mm and temple arms that extend 145mm back along the sides of your head, the proportions of these frames create a seamless look.

Subtle silver detailing on the temples and bridge provide just enough shine to catch the light. Spring hinges allow the arms to flex and adjust behind your ears for a comfortable grip that stays put. At just 43mm deep, the lenses have a flattened curve that maintains your field of vision instead of distorting it through excessive magnification.

Overall, the Case Closed frames channel mid-century style while offering contemporary comfort and optical clarity. Their statement-making design suits those who want to make heads turn rather than blend into the background.

Lenses Engineered for Optimal Viewing

The quality of the lenses is just as important as the style of the frames. That’s why the Case Closed Wide reading glasses come with optical-grade CR-39 lenses made from lightweight plastic polymer. This material is durable yet comfortable when worn for extended periods.

The lenses feature an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare and eye fatigue by limiting bounce-back from ambient lighting. A smudge-proof hydrophobic coating repels water, grease, and fingerprints to keep your view unobstructed.

With magnifications ranging from +1.00 to +4.00, you can choose the level of visual assistance needed for reading text and viewing close-up objects. The higher the number, the stronger the magnification. If you normally hold books or menus out at arm’s length, a power of +3.00 should bring things into ideal focus.

No matter your vision needs, the Case Closed lenses enhance what you see without overwhelming your eyes. Their profile aligns light at the perfect angle for strained eyes.

Premium Materials and Precision Craftsmanship

From the hinge springs to the acetate frames, every component of the Case Closed Wide glasses demonstrates eyebobs’ commitment to quality. The materials have been carefully selected for visual appeal as well as durability.

The modified acetate used for the frames offers flexibility and strength. This updated version of classic cellulose acetate allows the eyewear to flex and bounce back instead of becoming brittle with age. The result is a pair of reading glasses built to last years or even decades rather than months.

Spring hinges provide comfortable flex and grip. Stainless steel temples offer subtle shine. The lenses are cut and set with expert precision to provide undistorted viewing. Even the curvature of the lenses is calculated to deliver optimal viewing angles.

These may be reading glasses, but they offer so much more than mere magnification. The Case Closed style makes a statement. The lenses enhance and protect your eyesight. The materials withstand constant use. This is vision wear elevated to make you look and see your best.

Reading Glasses That Make You Look Twice

Since 2002, eyebobs has been transforming eyewear from a medical necessity into a fashion accessory. The San Diego-based company wants to make you excited about wearing glasses instead of viewing them as an unwelcome sign of aging.

The Case Closed Wide glasses embody this philosophy. Their striking silhouette and acetate material offer sophistication with a retro twist. At home in the courtroom or cocktail lounge, this style allows you to see clearly while expressing personal flair.

Too many reading glasses lean hard into an elderly aesthetic better suited for shuffleboard courts than fashion runways. The Case Closed bucks this tired trend with a youthful, statement-making design. Don’t let your vision needs dictate drab eyewear – choose reading glasses that spark conversations and make you look twice.

Size and Fit

The Case Closed Wide frames suit medium to large faces. Their 141mm width and 19mm bridge are specifically tailored for those with wide nose bridges and cheekbones. The arms measure 145mm to extend back past most ears for security.

Ideal fit means the frames:

– Extend 1-2mm beyond the widest points of your cheeks
– Allow 20mm open space between the inside arms for your nose bridge
– Permit your eyes to gaze through the center of the lenses
– Weigh evenly on your nose bridge without pinching
– Grip your head securely without squeezing

To ensure the proper fit, use a ruler to measure the dimensions described above on your own face. The Case Closed Wide specifications match measurements for those with wide facial structures. Round frames complement square, oval, triangle, and diamond face shapes.

Stop Squinting and Start Seeing

Don’t let presbyopia dictate an outdated, unstylish pair of reading glasses. The Case Closed Wide eyewear from eyebobs proves you can see clearly while making a personalized fashion statement. With optical-grade lenses, flexible acetate frames, and expert dimensions for wide faces, these glasses check every box. Make them yours and step into the world viewing it better than ever before.


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