eyebobs TV Party Blue Light Reading Glasses – Retro Style with Blue Light Blocking


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Tune In, Turn On and Give Your Eyes a Break with eyebobs’ Groovy Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Rocking a funky retro vibe, this stellar style takes you back while protecting your eyes from digital strain. Filtering out excessive artificial blue light, the specially-coated lenses keep harmful rays from screens at bay. But the old school design brings nothing but good vibrations with round blue tortoiseshell frames straight out of the 70s.

eyebobs packs these trendy readers with premium features. From the lightweight acetate frame to the spring hinges and scratch-resistant lenses. Yet the totally rad look steals the show. Give your peepers some peace and your face a blast from the past with the TV Party Blue Light.

Block Blue Light for Comfortable Screen Time

We all spend a good chunk of time staring at computers, phones and TVs. And the blue light emitted can lead to tired, irritated eyes. Not to mention headaches and compromised sleep when that blue light messes with your natural circadian rhythms after sundown.

That’s where eyebobs’ blue light-blocking lenses come in. Using special filters, they reduce exposure to the portions of blue light that cause discomfort and disruption. Allowing you to view screens more comfortably throughout the day without harsh side effects.

Whether working, surfing, streaming or gaming, your eyes will thank you. And you’ll look oh so very groovy in the process.

Premium Construction

While the retro aesthetics turn heads, the quality components ensure all-day comfort:

– Lightweight acetate frame material
– Scratch-resistant, blue light blocking lenses
– Sturdy spring hinges
– Non-slip nose pads

Carefully constructed inside and out, these readers are built to last while keeping your eyes happy.

Super Stylish 70s Vibes

These nostalgic blue tortoiseshell frames rock a quirky cool look. Round lenses, chunky frames and earthy tortoiseshell patterns give off a totally psychedelic 70s vibe. Retro yet so on-trend.

The playful circular shape flatters a range of face shapes and sizes. Drawing inspiration from granny glasses and John Lennon-style specs, this throwback look is bold and fun.

Rock your inner flower child or tap into your funky style with this stellar blast-from-the-past flair. Far out!

Flattering Fit for All

While the retro shape brings big personality, the smart dimensions ensure these fit comfortably:

– Frame Width: 137mm
– Lens Width: 45mm
– Lens Height: 38mm
– Temple Length: 145mm
– Bridge Width: 23mm

With medium-sized lenses and arms, they’re designed to complement most mugs. The round shape in particular suits square and oval face shapes nicely.

Flexile spring hinges and adjustable nose pads help you dial in the ideal fit. So you can wear your blue light blockers with confidence and style.

Ready for Anything Vision

Slip on these eye-catching readers anywhere blue light lurks:

– Working on your laptop
– Browsing on your phone
– Watching TV shows and movies
– Online shopping
– Video calls and conferences
– Gaming marathons
– Reading ebooks at night

Anytime you need some relief from digital strain, these colorful glasses have you covered. Protect your eyes in funky retro fashion.

Vision Wear with Personality

eyebobs readers add an unexpected punch of personality to your 20/20 vision. Tired of boring, generic eyewear? enfobs serves up fresh frames that transform glasses from medical device into fashion accessory.

Make a statement, start conversations and take your look up a notch with their cheeky, creative designs. Because there’s no reason improving your vision can’t also improve your look.

With eye-catching patterns, colors and shapes, eyebobs readers bring the fun to function. Upgrade your view with the TV Party Blue Light today!


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