EYECEDAR Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses 5-Pack with Anti-Fatigue Lenses


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Staring at digital screens all day can be tiring for your eyes. The blue light emitted from devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers can cause eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, and sleep disruption when used excessively. Protect your eyes and see clearly when reading and browsing with EYECEDAR’s Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses 5-Pack.

Advanced Blue Light Filtering

These reading glasses feature advanced lenses that filter out 90% of high-energy blue light in the 400-450 nm wavelength range. By blocking this harmful blue-violet light, the glasses prevent eye fatigue and damage that can occur after prolonged exposure. The lenses also block 100% of UV rays up to 400 nm.

Reduce Glare for Comfort

In addition to filtering blue light, the EYECEDAR reading glasses have an anti-reflective, anti-glare coating. This coating cuts down on reflected light and glare that can further strain eyes. Enjoy crisp, clear text without squinting or headaches.

Ideal for Reading and Computer Use

The 2.0 power lenses make these ideal reading glasses for anyone needing a slight boost to see small text and details up close. They are also perfect for providing relief when reading on tablets, phones, and laptops for extended periods.

Lightweight Durable Metal Frames

The slim metal frames are extremely lightweight and durable, made to last. Flexible spring hinges allow the arms to gently flex when putting on and taking off without losing shape. Soft rubber nose pads prevent slippage and minimize pressure on the nose bridge.

5 Pairs for All Your Needs

The 5 pack comes with gunmetal gray frames in various styles so you can keep multiple pairs handy. Have blue light blocking readers at work, home, in your bag, the car, and anywhere else you need them.

Maintain Optimal Sleep Cycles

Exposure to blue light in the evenings can suppress natural melatonin production and make it harder to fall asleep on time. Wearing these blue light filtering glasses when using devices at night will allow you to maintain your circadian rhythms and sleep better.

Alleviate Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

Do you experience tired, dry, irritated eyes after prolonged computer work? Do screens appear blurry or hard to focus on? The EYECEDAR blue light glasses can help relieve headache, eye fatigue and other symptoms caused by excessive tech device use.

Enhance Gaming Visuals and Performance

Gamers who play for many hours can experience significant eye discomfort from harsh blue light. The yellow tint of these glasses enhances contrast and visuals for improved gaming performance, allowing you to play longer with less fatigue.

Read Anywhere Comfortably

Whether catching up on emails, browsing social media, enjoying an eBook, or tackling work documents, these blue light readers make it easier to read text on a digital screen. Their portability also makes them great for reading books, newspapers, magazines, recipes, labels, and anything else on the go.

Worry-Free Purchase

We provide a 2 year warranty and guarantee your satisfaction with these blue light blocking reading glasses. If you are not completely happy for any reason, just contact us to get a refund or replacement pair. Your vision health is important, so try them risk-free today!


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