Eyekepper 5-Pack Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses – No Lines Women’s Computer Glasses


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Tired of switching between multiple pairs of readers? Struggling to see clearly at varying distances? The Eyekepper 5-Pack Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses are designed to provide sharp vision at any range – without visible transition lines. Finally see clearly near, far, and in-between with one pair of stylish computer glasses.

See Clearly Near, Far, and In Between

These revolutionary no line bifocal lenses have 3 zones of vision in one lens. The top portion lets you see distances clearly. The bottom section magnifies close-up objects. While the area in the middle is optimized for computer use. There are no visible dividing lines or segments like traditional bifocals. Seamless vision makes reading and screen use effortless. No more tilting your head to find the sweet spot!

Reduce Eye Strain and Fatigue

Staring at screens and books all day can lead to tired eyes. The proprietary blue light blocking lenses filter out harmful rays from electronics to prevent digital eye strain. Minimal color distortion means you see images crisp and clear. The included anti-reflective coating also cuts down on glare. Experience comfortable vision without blur or fuzziness.

Flattering Frame Styles for Every Face

The pack includes 5 fashionable and functional cateye frame styles to match any outfit. Both petite and oversized faces are complemented by the universally flattering shape. The durable yet lightweight frames have adjustable spring hinges for a customized fit. Each pair also includes an eyeglass cleaning cloth and protective case so they stay smudge-free when not being worn.

Perfect for Work, Home, and Play

Keep a pair handy at your desk, nightstand, purse and car. These multifocal reading glasses allow you to tackle any activity with ease. Scan documents, work on the computer, read books, do crafts, cook, see menus, drive and more. No need to switch pairs thanks to the 3-in-1 no line progressive lenses. Enjoy crisp vision at any distance.

Key Features:

  • No line progressive multifocal lenses
  • 3 zones – distance, intermediate, near
  • Blocks harmful blue light from electronics
  • Minimizes glare and eye fatigue
  • 5 fashionable and functional frame styles
  • Lightweight with spring hinges
  • Includes case and cleaning cloth

Lens Technology:

  • Proprietary no line progressive design
  • Distance vision in upper zone
  • Intermediate vision in middle zone
  • Near vision magnification in lower zone
  • Seamless transition between zones
  • Blue light blocking filters
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Minimal color distortion

One Pair Does It All

Stop squinting, straining and constantly switching readers. Experience effortless vision up close, at the computer, and far away with the Eyekepper 5-Pack Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses. The chic no line design means crisp, clear vision wherever you look. Order your pack today!


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