Eyekepper No Line Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses – Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses for Women


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Tired of constantly switching between multiple pairs of reading glasses? Struggling with glare and eye strain from screens? Look no further than the Eyekepper No Line Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses. With advanced multifocal lenses that provide seamless vision correction for any activity, these glasses are the ultimate solution for middle-aged and elderly women.

Gradually Changing Prescription Strength

The secret behind these reading glasses lies in the innovative progressive lens technology. Unlike traditional bifocals or trifocals with sudden changes between viewing zones, the Eyekepper lenses feature a smooth transition in prescription power. The top of the lens is optimized for distance viewing, the middle for computer use, and the bottom for close-up reading or crafting. Your eyes will appreciate the reduction in strain from constantly having to refocus.

Effective Blue Light Blocking

Don’t let digital screens cause headaches and sleepless nights! The Eyekepper reading glasses have a special anti-reflective coating that filters out 90% of harmful blue light from smartphones, tablets, and monitors. You’ll experience less eye fatigue when browsing, watching videos, or working on the computer. The coating also minimizes glare from indoor lighting.

Flattering Frame Design

With classic rectangular frames available in four colors, these reading glasses complement various face shapes and styles. The transparent TR90 material is lightweight and durable. Adjustable spring hinges provide a customized fit that stays in place without pinching your head. Whether you’re at home, the office, or out and about, you’ll look chic while optimizing your vision.

Perfect for Reading and Close Work

If you’ve noticed yourself holding books and newspapers further away, it’s a sign that you need reading glasses. The lower portion of the Eyekepper progressive lenses have the magnification power you need for effortless reading and close activities like sewing, knitting, jewelry making, model building, and anything that requires seeing small details. No more squinting or eye strain.

Intermediate Zone for Computer Use

The digital age has turned desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones into a significant part of everyday life. The intermediate zone of the Eyekepper no line multifocal lenses is calibrated for clear screen viewing between arm’s length to about two feet away. Whether you’re responding to emails, browsing online, or anything in between, these computer glasses have got you covered.

Distance Viewing for TV and Driving

Don’t restrict yourself just because you need reading glasses! The upper area of the Eyekepper lenses is optimized for viewing objects farther than two feet away, like TVs, driving, shopping, sporting events, and more. One pair of glasses for all your vision needs – now that’s convenience.

Reduce Eye Strain and Fatigue

If your eyes feel tired after reading or computer use, it’s time to help them out! Eyekepper’s seamless progressive lenses significantly decrease visual fatigue by allowing your eye muscles to relax at the proper focal distances instead of constant refocusing. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Enhance Clarity for Better Vision

Struggling to see things clearly? The distorting effects of astigmatism or close-up blurriness are no match for Eyekepper’s progressive reading glasses. Built-in magnification enhances small details, and the anti-reflective coating maximizes light transmission for sharper vision. See the world with stunning definition again.

Comfortable Unisex Styling

While designed with women in mind, the Eyekepper Reading Glasses work great for men too! The lightweight TR90 frame material and spring hinges create a barely-there feel. Fashion-forward colors like Pink, Purple, Light Blue, and Black complement any outfit. Fuss-free sizing adjusts for petite to larger faces. Now both you and your partner can enjoy eyestrain relief!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Eyekepper stands behind these no line progressive reading glasses with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy, send them back for a full refund or replacement. Try them risk-free to take the strain off your eyes and look fabulous at the same time! With the Eyekepper Reading Glasses, it’s easy to find your perfect view.


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