EYESJOY Magnetic Reading Glasses Hanging Neck For Men and Women – Adjustable & Foldable Vision Aids


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Tired of misplacing your reading glasses? Can’t find them when you need them most? The EYESJOY Magnetic Reading Glasses are the perfect solution! These innovative glasses feature a magnetic design that allows you to conveniently hang them around your neck when not in use. Never waste time searching for your readers again!

These magnetic reading glasses have adjustable temples and foldable frames for optimal comfort and portability. The lightweight design makes them easy to wear around your neck, ready to slide up to your eyes when you need to read something up close. The adjustable nosepiece ensures a secure fit for all day wear. With strengths ranging from +1.00 to +3.00, you’re sure to find the perfect magnification strength for your vision needs.

The clever magnetic closure connects the frames securely together when hanging unused around your neck. Yet they pull apart easily when you need to slide them on for reading. No more struggling to find your eyeglasses when you need them! The strong magnets keep the EYESJOY Reading Glasses securely in place. Just give them a gentle tug and they release from each other smoothly.

Now you can have your reading glasses handy at all times! Keep them around your neck and pull them up whenever you need to view something nearby. These magnetic readers are perfect for:

  • Reading books, newspapers, magazines, kindles, tablets, etc.
  • Crafting – knitting, sewing, needlepoint, model-building, and more
  • Completing puzzles or playing board games
  • Reading recipes, instructions, product labels, and small text
  • Working on DIY projects and hobbies
  • Viewing your phone, computer, watch, and other devices

The EYESJOY Magnetic Reading Glasses come in a variety of frame colors to fit your style. Choose from classic Black, Tortoise Brown, Matte Gray, Glossy Amber, Shiny Blue, Glossy Pink, Glossy Purple, Shiny Red, and more. With spring-hinged temples for a customized fit, these readers are designed for comfort and convenience.

The lenses are crafted from optical-grade polycarbonate for visual clarity and scratch-resistance. Lightweight yet durable, these materials withstand everyday use while providing a clear field of vision. Anti-reflective and anti-radiation coatings further protect your eyes while reducing glare and eye strain.

Why choose EYESJOY Magnetic Reading Glasses?

  • No More Lost Glasses – Magnetic closure keeps readers securely hanging around neck when not in use
  • Instant Readiness – Slide up to eyes in seconds whenever you need to read nearby text
  • Adjustable Fit – Flexible temples and nose pads provide custom and comfortable fit
  • Lightweight Design – Only weighs 1.1oz for easy, long-term wear around neck
  • Durable Frames – Withstands daily use with sturdy spring hinges and thick frames
  • Scratch Resistant – Polycarbonate lenses prevent scratches for lasting clarity
  • Anti-Glare & Anti-Radiation – Special lens coatings protect eyes and reduce eye strain

With over 1,000 5-star reviews, customers love the convenience and clever design of the EYESJOY Magnetic Reading Glasses! No longer struggle to find your eyewear only to discover they’re missing, broken, or forgotten somewhere. These readers provide instant accessibility when you need them. Their durable construction and protective lenses will keep your vision clear and eye health protected for years to come!

Order the EYESJOY Magnetic Reading Glasses now and enjoy hassle-free reading wherever you go! Browse our collection to find your perfect color and magnification strength today.


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