EYEURL Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses for Women – Anti Fatigue Computer Glasses Pack of 5


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Tired eyes getting you down? Struggling to see the computer screen after hours of work? It’s time to give your eyes a break with EYEURL’s Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses 5 Pack. Specially designed to filter out harmful blue light emitted from digital screens, these glasses will help prevent eye strain, fatigue, and headaches.

Shield Your Eyes from Damaging Blue Light Rays

Extensive exposure to blue light from computer monitors, smartphones, tablets and other electronics can lead to a condition known as computer vision syndrome. Symptoms include eye strain, blurry vision, dry eyes, headaches and trouble sleeping. Our reading glasses feature specialized lenses that block 90% of high-energy blue light wavelengths to protect your eyes and prevent digital eye strain. Enjoy crisp, clear vision while using your devices for extended periods.

Ultra-Lightweight Frames for All-Day Comfort

The durable plastic frames are lightweight and designed with comfort in mind. The barely-there feel makes you forget you’re even wearing readers! Flexible spring hinges allow the arms to gently flex when putting them on and taking them off. The arms also conform nicely to the shape of your head for a customized, slip-free fit.

Resin Lenses Offer Scratch Resistance

The high-quality resin lens material is impact and scratch resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging or dropping your new readers. Resin also allows for crisp optical clarity and minimal distortion. The lens measure 50mm wide by 38mm high for a nice expanded viewing area.

Magnification Strength Options for Every Need

This 5 pack comes with a +3.25 magnification strength perfect for prolonged computer use, reading recipes in the kitchen, browsing your phone and other close-up tasks. Great for those with presbyopia who need an extra boost for reading small text and details.

Sleek Oversized Frames Flatter All Face Shapes

The chic square frame shape and transparent colors complement every skin tone. These glasses looks great on round, oval, square, heart and long shaped faces. Whether you have a small petite head or a larger profile, the 53mm lens width and 140mm arm length allow the frames to properly sit on your face. Plus, you’ll look quite stylish wearing these modern readers!

Lightweight Construction Prevents Eyeglass Slippage

Tired of your eyeglasses constantly slipping down your nose? The durable and lightweight TR90 plastic frame coupled with the silicone nose pads keep the glasses firmly in place. No need for constant annoying re-adjusting when you’re wearing these readers. The angled earpieces also help the frames grip securely around your ears.

One Frame Style Multiple Colors

The 5 pack comes with 1 black frame, 1 pink frame, 1 purple frame, 1 blue frame and 1 red frame. Mix and match to coordinate with your outfits and mood! Whether it’s for work video calls, after-school computer time or late night Netflix binges, you can switch up the look.

Spring Hinges Allow Glasses to Fit Snugly Against Your Face

The flexible spring hinges allow the earpieces to open wider to gently “hug” the side of your head for a closer fit. Once in place, the spring construction ensures the frames feel secure and stable. No loose slipping glasses with EYEURL readers.

Eyeglasses Chain Included to Prevent Losing or Dropping

A matching eyeglass chain comes with each 5 pack to prevent accidental drops. Simply attach the ends to the frames and wear around your neck. Never lose your readers again! The chain can be easily tucked into your shirt collar when not in use.

Premium Hard Shell Glasses Case For Storage and Travel

Your eyeglasses will stay safe and scratch-free in the included deluxe hard case. The durable design protects your new blue light blocking readers from getting crushed in your bag or tossing loose into your purse. Use the case to store your glasses overnight or take them on the go.

Best Uses for These Blue Light Filtering Readers:

– Working on a computer for extended periods

– Browsing on your phone, tablet or eReader

– Reading printed books, newspapers or magazines

– Crafting activities and hobbies requiring close attention

– Reducing eye strain from electronic displays

– Alleviating headaches and fatigue from overusing devices

– Preventing dry, irritated eyes from screens

– Making computer use more comfortable

– Playing video games without fatigue

– Watching TV without eye discomfort

Why You’ll Love EYEURL Glasses:

🌟 Blocks 90% of harmful blue light from screens

🌟 Ultra-lightweight plastic frames for hours of wear

🌟 Scratch-resistant resin lenses with great optics

🌟 Chic oversized frame compliments all face shapes

🌟 Spring hinges adjust frames for custom fit

🌟 Silicone nose pads prevent slippage

🌟 Anti-fatigue magnification for close work

🌟 Hard case protects glasses from getting crushed

🌟 Eyeglass chain prevents losing or dropping readers

🌟 5 colors to mix, match and swap out daily

Give your eyes a break and treat yourself to EYEURL’s Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses 5 Pack! With multiple stylish colors and magnification strengths, you can find relief from digital eye strain in style.


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