FEIVSN Rimless Reading Glasses for Women – 3 Pack of Lightweight Spring Hinge Readers


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Tired of your reading glasses looking outdated or boring? Upgrade your eyewear with FEIVSN rimless readers. These artistic and elegant glasses come in a convenient 3 pack so you always have a pair handy.

The rimless design is both stylish and comfortable for all day wear. Classic colors like black, brown, and gray suit any occasion. Reading will be effortless with the crystal clear magnification lenses.

Keep reading to learn why FEIVSN rimless readers are a cut above the rest. We can’t wait for you to try them!

Unique Rimless Style

Thick, chunky reading glasses can feel outdated. That’s why we designed our women’s readers with a modern rimless look.

The sleek metal frame features unique colorful accents on the edge. This adds a subtle pop of color while keeping the rimless aesthetic.

Our innovative glue fixation technology connects the lenses securely and seamlessly to the frames. It’s more beautiful, comfortable and durable than cheap plastic frames.

The rimless design is also extremely lightweight at just .35oz per pair. You’ll barely notice these glasses on your face.

Spring Hinge Comfort

While the rimless style looks great, comfort is still key. Our flexible spring hinges ensure these readers feel fantastic too.

The arms adjust to the shape of your head for a custom contoured fit. Gentle pressure keeps the glasses in place without squeezing your temples.

Wear your rimless reading glasses for hours without discomfort. The ultralight resin lenses are also optically correct to prevent eye strain or headaches.

Convenient 3 Pack

You’ll always have a pair handy with this reader 3 pack. Keep FEIVSN rimless glasses in your purse, car, office and nightstand.

The glasses come in a soft protective case to prevent scratches. A cleaning cloth is also included to wipe away smudges and dust.

With 3 different colors, you can coordinate with any outfit. Or switch up your look each day.

Superior Magnification

While the glasses look great, the magnification lenses make reading effortless. No more squinting or eye fatigue.

Each pair features distortion-free polycarbonate lenses tailored to your vision needs. Our on-site opticians ensure the prescription strength is perfect.

Whether you need help with medicine labels, books, newspapers, menus or work documents, FEIVSN readers make it easy. The text looks sharp, clear, and focused.

For Every Occasion

Rimless glasses suit any occasion, from work to weekends.

The black readers are classic for professional settings like the office. Brown and gray suit casual occasions like running errands.

The lightweight comfort means you can wear them all day long. Reading text messages, ingredients, or doing craft hobbies is simple.

Forget having to switch between multiple pairs of readers. FEIVSN rimless glasses are the only ones you need.

Our Promise

We stand behind our rimless reading glasses 100%. That’s why they come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you aren’t completely satisfied, let us know. We’ll provide a replacement or refund.

Try these stylish and comfortable readers today risk-free! Your satisfaction is our top priority.


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