Flying Fisherman Polarized Wrap-Around Sunglasses for Fishing Outdoor Sports – Matte Black/Smoke Lens


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Enhance your fishing and outdoor adventures with the stylish and functional Flying Fisherman Polarized Wrap-Around Sunglasses. Designed for optimal performance on the water and beyond, these medium-fit sunglasses provide unbeatable eye protection and visual clarity to help you reel in the big catch.

Advanced Polarized Triacetate Smoke Lenses

The smoke gray lenses utilize advanced polarization technology to eliminate reflective glare off the water for improved visibility. Unlike cheap sunglasses that use a surface coating, Flying Fisherman embeds millions of tiny light-absorbing filters into the lenses to block intense reflections and glare. This allows you to clearly see beneath the surface to spot fish and underwater structure.

The smoke tint is ideal for bright, sunny conditions as it reduces brightness while maintaining color balance and contrast. Gray lenses don’t alter natural colors like brown or amber tints, giving you a true color view of your surroundings. Light is also filtered to relieve eye fatigue and strain on super-bright days.

Durable and Scratch-Resistant

The polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof and extremely impact resistant to handle life’s bumps and blows. Flying Fisherman speciallyHardens and coats the lenses to prevent scratches. The durable matte black frame is also made of flexible polycarbonate that can bounce back if bent or twisted.

Weighing just 1.1 ounces, these lightweight sunglasses won’t weigh you down during all-day fishing trips. The materials and construction ensure the glasses are built to last season after season.

Designed for Full Coverage

The wraparound frame design provides exceptional protection from sunlight entering your peripheral vision. The lenses measure 63mm wide and 40mm tall to maximize coverage without being bulky and oversized.

The arms measure 125mm to keep the lenses positioned perfectly in front of your eyes as you look side to side. The straight back temples comfortably fit anyone with an average sized head.

Comfortable Even in Heat and Humidity

Built-in rubber nose pads prevent the sunglasses from sliding down your nose when sweating. The hydrophilic rubber gets stickier as it gets wet, unlike standard pads that get more slippery. The thermoplastic rubber also molds to the shape of your nose for a non-slip fit.

The co-injected temples have rubber underneath the top layer of material to increase grip. The textured matte finish also helps prevent slipping. Despite the sweat-resistant design, the sunglasses still feel lightweight even in hot and humid conditions.

Tested by Fishermen in Florida

Flying Fisherman originally designed and tested these sunglasses in the bright Florida Keys to withstand harsh saltwater fishing environments. The glasses excel when battling the blazing sun off the ocean, lakes and rivers to prevent squinting and eye fatigue.

The durable construction also handles the bumps, drops and splashes that come with fishing’s daily wear and tear. Each detail is designed to help seasoned anglers spot fish better while staying comfortable and protected all day long.

UV Protection You Can Trust

The lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays and meet ANSI safety standards. This shields your eyes from the sun’s harmful radiation that can lead to cataracts and other eye disorders over time.

The TAC polarized lenses also surpass standards for impact resistance. You get superior UV protection you can trust for all-day comfort.

Designed for Men and Women

While designed for durability, the Flying Fisherman sunglasses also have a flattering, versatile style. The matte black frame and gray polarized lenses look stylish on both men and women.

The medium fit accommodates a wide range of face shapes and sizes. Rubber nose pads allow further adjustment for the perfect individualized fit.

Reliable Outdoor Performance

Take these shadesanywhere you want enhanced visibility, from offshore fishing to driving, hiking, cycling, running, and more. The durable yet comfortable frame design works great for activities.

Sturdy polycarbonate lenses are prescription ready to accommodate prescription lenses. Now anyone can experience glare-free vision while boating, swimming, fishing or doing everyday tasks.

Product Details:

  • Frame Material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame Color: Matte Black
  • Lens Material: Polarized Triacetate
  • Lens Color: Smoke Gray
  • UV Protection: 100% UVA/UVB
  • Lens Height: 40mm
  • Lens Width: 63mm
  • Temple Arm Length: 125mm
  • Bridge Width: 16mm
  • Frame Width: Medium
  • Weight: 1.1oz

What’s Included:

  • 1 Pair Polarized Flying Fisherman Sunglasses
  • 1 Microfiber Pouch
  • 1 Neck Retractor
  • 1 Hard Shell Case
  • 1 Cleaning Cloth

Comfortable yet durable, the Flying Fisherman Polarized Wrap-Around Sunglasses maximize visual clarity and eye protection when fishing and during any outdoor activity. Slip on these versatile shades to cut through glare and spot fish better under the bright sun.


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