Foster Grant Camden Multifocus Reading Glasses – 3 Strengths and Scratch-Resistant Lenses


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The Foster Grant Camden Multifocus Reading Glasses allow you to view text, use the computer, and see nearby objects with crisp, clear vision. These multifocal reading glasses feature three magnification powers in one pair of stylish, lightweight frames. The scratch-resistant lenses ensure durability while the anti-reflective coating reduces glare.

The Camden design by Foster Grant provides three separate optical powers – 1.00, 1.50, and 2.00 – in one convenient pair of reading glasses. Simply look through the appropriate part of the lens for the magnification you need. The lower portion of the lenses feature 1.00x magnification for reading newspapers, magazines, and books. The middle section has 1.50x power for computer use. Finally, the upper area has 2.00x strength for viewing farther away objects more clearly.

With just one pair of these multifocus reading glasses, you’ll have the ideal optical enhancement for any visual task. Keep them handy in your purse, briefcase, or desk drawer and pull them out when you need help seeing. These men’s and women’s readers allow you to rely less on having to change between multiple pairs of single-vision reading glasses.

In addition to the triple optical powers, the polycarbonate lenses on these reading glasses offer scratch resistance. This innovative material helps prevent minor scratches and impacts from damaging the lenses. Since the glasses don’t require a prescription, you want them to remain optically clear for as long as possible. The durable polycarbonate construction ensures these men’s and women’s reading glasses withstand years of regular use.

The Foster Grant Camden readers also have an anti-reflective coating that minimizes glare. The lenses include 5 layers of anti-reflective material that limit eye fatigue from bright light sources. This coating helps reduce reflections from computer monitors, overhead lighting, and other high-glare environments. You’ll experience less distraction when viewing text and objects through these men’s and women’s computer glasses.

When it comes to fit and comfort, the Camden design delivers. The lightweight frames sit comfortably on your face without feeling bulky or awkward. The spring hinges allow the arms to flex as you put on and adjust the glasses. This self-adjusting feature ensures a secure, custom fit for optimal vision performance and comfort. The neutral frame color and shape pair nicely with any attire for women and men.

Foster Grant packages these reading glasses for women and men with a soft protective case and cleaning cloth. The included case offers safe portability so you can bring your readers anywhere. It prevents the lenses from getting scratched while the glasses are in your purse, computer bag, luggage, and more. Use the cleaning cloth to wipe off fingerprints and smudges so your lenses stay clear and help you see your best.

Keep your eyes relaxed and focused no matter what you’re viewing with the Foster Grant Camden Multifocus Reading Glasses. The lightweight triple-power lenses and durable scratch-resistant construction ensure years of reliable magnification. Upgrade from constantly switching between single-vision readers by trying this innovative 3-in-1 multifocal eyewear solution.


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