Foster Grant Charlsie Women’s Multi-Focus Rectangular Reading Glasses – Lilac


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Stay stylish and focus on what matters with the Foster Grant Charlsie Women’s Multi-Focus Rectangular Reading Glasses in lilac. These chic reading glasses allow you to seamlessly switch between three different magnification strengths for reading, computer use, and interacting – no more constantly taking off and putting on your readers throughout the day!

Multi-Focus Convenience

The innovative Multi-Focus lens technology provides lower, higher, and intermediate magnification strengths all in one pair of glasses. Quickly adjust between the different focal points to find the clearest vision for each activity. Keep your Charlsie reading glasses on whether you’re tackling a new novel, sending emails, or chatting with friends – no need to juggle multiple pairs!

Sleek Lilac Style

A contemporary satin lilac metal front is paired with translucent lilac temples for a polished look. The rectangular lens shape and thin metal frame flatter a variety of face shapes. Lilac is a sophisticated, femine shade that complements an array of outfits from smart casual to dressy. These reading glasses make a chic accessory for work, weekends, travel, and everyday wear.

Lightweight Comfort

The Charlsie reading glasses have an evenly balanced frame that rests easily behind your ears. Adjustable rubber nose pads prevent slippage throughout the day. Translucent temple tips minimize pressure at the sides of your head for long-wearing comfort. The lightweight feel makes you forget you’re even wearing readers!

Scratch-Resistant Durability

Hard resin lenses hold up to everyday use and resist scratches to maintain clear vision. Spring hinges allow the arms to flex without losing their shape over time. Enjoy long-lasting durability from these well-constructed reading glasses. Carry them in the included soft case when not in use for protection.

Trusted Foster Grant Quality

With over 100 years of optical expertise, Foster Grant creates stylish, innovative eyewear loaded with features. All their reading glasses provide UV protection alongside impeccable construction and on-trend designs. When you choose Foster Grant, you know you’re getting an exceptional quality product.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Focus lens with lower, higher, and intermediate magnifying strengths
  • Sleek lilac metal front with translucent lilac temple arms
  • Rectangle lens shape flatters various face shapes
  • Adjustable rubber nose pads prevent slippage
  • Lightweight and evenly balanced frame for comfort
  • Scratch-resistant hard resin lenses
  • Spring hinges for durability
  • Provides UV protection
  • Soft protective case included

Multiple Magnification Options:

The Charlsie Multi-Focus reading glasses allow you to seamlessly switch between three magnification strengths:

  • Lower strength: ideal for computer work and interacting with others
  • Intermediate strength: optimal for tackling everyday tasks like cooking, shopping, and hobbies
  • Higher strength: perfect for close-up activities like reading books, newspapers, magazines, and recipes

No more interrupting your flow to change pairs of readers! Just angle the glasses slightly to adjust the focal point and sharpness. The ingenious lens design provides convenient flexibility within one pair of chic reading glasses.

Flattering Style:

Stay on trend with the contemporary styling of the Charlsie Multi-Focus reading glasses. A sleek lilac metal front gives way to transparent lilac plastic arms. Lilac is a sophisticated, feminine color option that pairs well with both cool and warm complexions. The soft purple hue delivers a modern look.

The rectangular lens shape flatters a wide variety of face shapes. Rounded corners soften the structured lines into a universally wearable silhouette. Both the front and arms are accented by polished silver metal detailing for an extra hint of glam. Full UV protection preserves your eyes while keeping your vision clear and glare-free.

Exceptional Comfort:

Built-in comfort features allow you to wear the Charlsie reading glasses all day long:

  • Adjustable nose pads prevent slippage and pressure points.
  • Even weight distribution across the frame stays balanced on your face.
  • Translucent flexible temple tips minimize pinching at the sides.
  • Lightweight feel almost makes you forget you have them on!

The smooth silhouette won’t catch or tangle in your hair. You’ll hardly notice these glasses as you go about your daily activities. The comfortable fit means you can fully focus on your tasks, not your eyewear.

Long-Lasting Durability:

Thoughtful design details ensure the Charlsie Multi-Focus reading glasses stand up to repeated everyday use:

  • Resin lenses resist scratches to maintain clarity.
  • Spring hinges allow the temple arms to flex without losing shape.
  • Sturdy metal front withstands frequent handling.
  • Protective soft case for safe storage and transport.

Don’t worry about tossing these lilac reading glasses into your purse or luggage. The durable construction and included case keep them looking like new trip after trip. Quality materials coupled with precision manufacturing result in reliable reading glasses built to last.

Try the Charlsie Multi-Focus Readers Risk-Free!

With over a century of optical excellence, Foster Grant is a trusted leader in crafting innovative, stylish eyewear. Take advantage of the clever Multi-Focus technology and contemporary styling by adding the Charlsie reading glasses to your collection today!


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