Foster Grant Mckay Multifocus Reading Glasses – See Clearly Near and Far


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Tired of switching between multiple pairs of readers to see things up close and at a distance? With the Foster Grant Mckay Multifocus Reading Glasses, you’ll enjoy crisp, clear vision whether you’re reading a book or looking across the room. These innovative glasses feature bifocal lenses designed to eliminate the need for separate readers and computer glasses. The upper portion lets you see far away while the lower portion magnifies close-up objects right in front of you.

Multifocal Lenses for Versatile Vision

The Foster Grant Mckay glasses utilize multifocal lenses to provide varied magnification abilities. The top half of the lenses contain no prescription, allowing you to see objects clearly at a distance. The lower portion of the lenses feature magnification power ranging from +1.00 to +2.50. This gives you the boost you need for reading mail, recipes, menus, instructions, and more. With just one pair, you’ll have excellent vision both up close and far away.

Lightweight Comfort and Durability

Featuring a lightweight plastic frame and spring hinges, these reading glasses offer long-lasting durability without weighing you down. The frames are designed to flex and bounce back to their original shape, preventing damage over time. Soft rubber temple tips rest gently against your ears for a comfortable, personalized fit. Each pair also includes a protective case so you can safely store your glasses when not in use.

Scratch-Resistant for Clear Vision

The lenses utilize a scratch-resistant coating to prevent minor scrapes and scratches from obstructing your view. Rubbing against keys or other objects in your bag won’t leave behind lasting damage or distortions. The durable coating ensures the lenses maintain their crystal clear optical clarity day after day. You’ll enjoy crisp vision without annoying scratches getting in the way.

Ideal for Reading, Computers, Studying, and More

The Foster Grant Mckay Reading Glasses are perfect for a wide range of activities that require seeing text or objects up close. Use them for:

  • Reading books, magazines, newspapers, recipes, instructions
  • Working on crafts or hobbies that require close-up vision
  • Viewing a computer, phone or tablet screen
  • Reading menus in dimly lit restaurants
  • Studying or doing homework
  • Playing board games and card games

The lenses also allow clear vision in the distance, making them great for:

  • Driving
  • Watching TV
  • Seeing presentations, chalkboards, and more
  • Recognizing faces and scenery outdoors
  • Shopping, dining out, and running errands

Easy to Use

Using these multi-purpose reading glasses couldn’t be simpler. Just slip them on as needed whenever you need a boost in magnification. There’s no need to swap between multiple pairs. The ingeniously designed bifocal lenses have you covered whether you’re sewing, cooking, or enjoying the scenery. With scratch resistance and included case, you can take them anywhere!

Order the Foster Grant Mckay Reading Glasses Today

Never again struggle to see things up close or flip between multiple pairs of readers. With the Foster Grant Mckay Multifocus Reading Glasses, you’ll have crisp, clear vision whether you’re looking at something nearby or far away. Place your order today to enjoy the convenience of multifocal lenses!


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