Foster Grant Men’s Blue Light Filter Bifocal Reading Glasses


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Pull off a polished, professional look with the Foster Grant Men’s Blue Light Filter Bifocal Reading Glasses. The sleek round lenses reduce exposure to harmful blue light from digital screens by up to 34% thanks to patented filter technology. The lower bifocal segment provides 2.5x magnification for reading fine print while the upper remains unmagnified for clear distance vision. Flexible spring hinges and lightweight TR90 frames ensure a comfortable, customizable fit. Scratch and impact resistant polycarbonate lenses protect your eyes while enhancing clarity and reducing glare. Comes complete with a sturdy protective case so you can take your readers everywhere. Whether you’re responding to emails, reviewing reports, or reading your favorite book, these blue light blocking bifocals allow you to see clearly while protecting your eyes from fatigue and strain. Upgrade your eyewear with the convenience of pop-up power in a modern, minimalist style.


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