Foster Grant Men’s Braydon Multifocus Reading Glasses – 3 Powers in 1 Pair


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Struggling to see things clearly up close? The new Braydon Multifocus Reading Glasses from Foster Grant are designed to help men tackle near vision tasks with ease. These multifunction readers feature seamless transition lenses that provide 3 magnification strengths in one convenient pair of men’s reading glasses.

The ergonomic frame design looks sharp while providing a comfortable fit for extended wear. Every detail is optimized for functional vision correction and protection. Look stylish while seeing clearly whether you’re reading, using the computer, or working on DIY projects.

Seamless Magnification from Top to Bottom

Each Braydon lens contains three magnification powers that shift gradually from top to bottom. The strength printed on the arm refers to the power at the bottom portion of the lens. As you look higher up, the vision correction increases in +0.5 increments up to +2.00 at the top third.

Simply tilt your eyes to access the level of magnification you need. Glance through the lower lens area for minimal computer and phone screen boost. Scan the mid-section for medium-range tasks like reading books. Look through the upper zone when you need maximum correction for fine print and tiny details.

The smooth progression between zones allows clear uninterrupted vision at any range. No more constantly switching between multiple pairs of traditional single-focus readers! Just angle your gaze to adapt the strength – easy and comfortable.

Lightweight Rectangular Frame

The Braydon’s modern rectangular frame was designed specifically for men’s face shapes and styling preferences. The neutral semi-rimless shape complements squared jaws while opening up your vision field.

The stylish frame front features sleek metal accenting along the top bar. Spring hinges and adjustable silicone nose pads keep the readers securely in place. Soft rubber temple tips prevent any pinching or discomfort behind the ears. Everything about these multifocus reading glasses caters to sturdy long-term comfort.

Weighing just 23g total, you’ll barely notice these seamless progressive readers on your face. The ultra-lightweight feel prevents any drag or sliding throughout your day. Pull these multifunctional glasses out anytime you need to tackle detailed tasks with crisp, headache-free visual clarity.

Optical Protection and Durability

Don’t settle for flimsy discount readers – invest in quality optics engineered to perform. The Braydon’s lenses are made from impact-resistant polycarbonate with scratch-resistant coatings. They provide crisp, undistorted viewing that won’t degrade over time.

A 5-layer anti-reflective treatment reduces glare from screens, sunlight, and artificial lighting. This helps minimize reflections and eye strain when wearing the glasses for extended reading or computer use. Rubberized temple and nose grip pads create no-slip stability so the glasses stay in optimal position.

Every component of the Braydon multifocus reading glasses is built to handle active lifestyles with ease. Keep them secure in the included protective case when not in use. With proper care, these will continue providing visual assistance for years to come.

Versatile Near Vision Solution

Having variable magnification in one pair of men’s reading glasses allows you to keep up with changing vision demands. Keep the Braydon multifocals handy to pull out whenever you need a visual boost for:

  • Reading medication labels, instructions, receipts
  • Looking at your phone, tablet, computer
  • Tackling newspapers, magazines, books
  • Squinting at menus, price tags, maps
  • Doing crafts, models, DIY projects
  • Pursuing hobbies like coin/stamp collecting

The smooth transition lenses have your back whether you’re needing minimal or maximum magnification. Just tilt your eyes to find the sweet spot that brings text and details into sharp focus.

Reduce eye fatigue and headaches by keeping the Braydon multifocal reading glasses with you all day. Pull them out as needed to restore clarity to your near vision without interrupting activities or breaking concentration. Upgrade your eye care routine with the convenience of 3 strengths in 1 modern masculine pair!


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