Fuisetaea Photochromic Gray Reading Glasses for Women – Half Frame Transition Readers


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Tired of constantly switching between regular glasses, readers, and sunglasses? Solve all your vision needs with the revolutionary Fuisetaea Photochromic Gray Reading Glasses for Women. These chic half frame readers transition lenses automatically adapt to give you magnification for reading AND protection from UV rays outdoors.

The lightweight plastic half frame design is both feminine and functional. The adjustable nose pads ensure a comfy, non-slip fit while the gray photochromic lenses instantly transform from clear magnification indoors to tinted sunglasses outside. No more carrying multiple pairs of eyewear again!


  • Photochromic lenses transition from clear to dark gray tint in sunlight
  • Provides UV400 protection when lenses darken outdoors
  • Half frame design is lightweight and stylish on women
  • Choose your magnification power for crisp reading vision
  • Adjustable nose pads prevent slipping
  • Blocks glare and harmful rays when outdoors
  • Lenses quickly change back to clear indoors

Magnification That Adapts to Your Needs

If you’ve noticed yourself holding books and menus further away lately, it’s likely you need a reader boost for your eyes. But then there’s the hassle of switching between your readers and regular glasses every time you go indoor or outdoor. Not with these photochromic gray reading glasses!

Simply select your magnification strength (from +1.00 up to +2.50) to instantly sharpen text and images when you put the readers on. The precision optical lenses eliminate blur and eye strain, letting you read comfortably again.

Yet the magic happens when you go outside. The lenses automatically transition into a gray sunshade, providing glare reduction and UV protection as the tint appears. Then when you return indoors, the lenses quickly fade back to their clear magnified state. No constant swapping needed!

Flattering, Functional Frame

Designed specifically for women’s faces, the contemporary half frame design is both chic and practical. The transparent temple arms and lower half lenses give an edgy, stylish look while preventing visual obstruction.

The adjustable silicon nose pads ensure the frames stay comfortably in place without slipping down, no matter how much you move your head reading or looking around outside.

At just 17g total weight, you’ll barely notice these sleek photochromic reading glasses on your face. The plastic composite frame remains durable and retains its shape even with frequent use.

Reliable UV Protection Outdoors

Harmful UV exposure doesn’t just come from the sun – it’s also reflected off surfaces like water, snow, concrete, and windows. But most reading glasses provide zero UV protection, leaving your eyes vulnerable to damage when outdoors.

Not these photochromic gray readers. Their lenses offer guaranteed UV400 protection, filtering 100% of UVA/UVB rays when in sunglasses state. This shields your eyes from glare, long-term damage, and immediate eye strain in sunlight.

Rather than having to juggle multiple pairs of eyewear, just put on these adaptive readers and head out the door. The lenses automatically react the moment UV exposure hits them, darkening into a tinted gray shade.

Yet unlike with traditional sunglasses, visibility and clarity are not compromised. The lenses transform only to the optimal degree needed for sufficient glare reduction and UV blocking when you’re outside.

Ditch the Eyewear Juggling For Good

Imagine being able to see clearly both indoors and out with just one pair of sleek, convenient eyeglasses. No more fumbling through your bag to switch pairs every time the lighting changes.

Thanks to their unique photochromic adaptive technology, these Fuisetaea reading glasses for women are the only eyewear you need. Keep them in your purse, car, office – anywhere you might need hands-free magnification or UV protection throughout the day.

The included soft case and cleaning cloth ensure they stay in pristine condition wherever you take them. At this amazing value, you may want to grab backups! Never struggle with your vision again with the Fuisetaea Photochromic Gray Reading Glasses.


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