GHDBFMB Progressive Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking Photochromic Multifocus Reader Transition Sunglasses for Men and Women


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Step into a world of visual clarity and convenience with the GHDBFMB Progressive Reading Glasses. Featuring premium photochromic lenses that automatically adapt to changing light conditions, these multifocal glasses provide seamless vision at any distance – whether you’re working on the computer, reading a book, or gazing at a sunset.

Progressive Lenses for Seamless Vision

The GHDBFMB Reading Glasses allow you to see clearly at varying distances with no image jumps. The upper portion of the lenses have no magnification for distance viewing. The center region has intermediate magnification for computer work. Finally, the lower portion of the lenses provide higher magnification for close-up reading. This smooth progression eliminates blurriness and distortion when shifting focus. No more constantly switching between separate reading and distance glasses!

Photochromic Adaptive Lenses

The advanced photochromic lenses get darker in the sun and lighter indoors automatically. Enjoy comfortable, crisp vision whether you’re inside or outdoors. The lenses react quickly to changing light conditions, providing just the right tint for optimal visual clarity. From bright sunlight to dim restaurants, these adaptive reading glasses have you covered.

Effective Blue Light and UV Protection

Staring at digital screens all day can cause eye strain. The GHDBFMB Reading Glasses have UV400 protection and a blue light filter to shield your eyes from excessive ultraviolet radiation and high-energy visible light. This allows you to use phones, tablets, and computers more comfortably for extended periods. Prevent eye fatigue and long-term damage with these protective multifocal glasses.

Stylish and Durable Frame

Sporting a classic round metal frame with spring hinges, the GHDBFMB Reading Glasses offer a stylish unisex look suitable for both men and women. The sturdy metal frame is paired with flexible nose pads and textured temples for a secure, comfortable fit. Metal spring hinges allow the arms to flex outward up to 25 degrees, ensuring these adaptive glasses stay comfortably in place all day long.

Versatile Use Cases

The GHDBFMB Progressive Reading Glasses are designed for versatility. Use them for:

  • Working on the computer
  • Reading books, newspapers, magazines
  • Viewing screens like phones, tablets, and TV
  • Driving and distance viewing
  • Outdoor activities like hiking, exploring, sightseeing
  • Restaurants, bars, and social settings
  • And more!

Whether you need prescription glasses or not, the GHDBFMB Reading Glasses make a great eyewear option for all-day wear. The automatic photochromic adaptive lenses ensure visual comfort in any lighting. Ditch the hassle of constantly switching glasses and enjoy effortless vision clarity.

Order With Confidence

We stand behind the quality of our progressive reading sunglasses. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Enjoy vision convenience and protection with the GHDBFMB Reading Glasses. Click Add to Cart now to experience seamless vision at any distance!


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