GUDVUE Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses – Stylish & Effective Protection for Your Eyes


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Staring at digital screens all day can take a major toll on your eyes. From blurred vision and headaches to disrupted sleep patterns, prolonged exposure to blue light from phones, computers, and other devices can create a serious risk to your eye health and overall wellbeing.

That’s why GUDVUE created these premium blue light blocking glasses specifically designed to filter out the harmful blue light spectrums that lead to digital eye strain.

Advanced Lens Technology Filters Harmful Blue Light Rays

The GUDVUE blue light glasses utilize an advanced polycarbonate lens treated with a special coating that filters out 90% of the high-energy visible blue light that’s emitted from digital screens.

By blocking these damaging blue light wavelengths, the lenses help relieve eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue caused by excessive device usage. This allows you to work, game, and browse on your devices for longer periods comfortably.

The lightly tinted lenses also restore true color vision by filtering only the harmful blue light rays while allowing beneficial light to pass through. This means you get crisp, undistorted visual clarity while protecting your eyes.

Sleek, Durable Frames Built for All-Day Wear

In addition to the high-end lenses, the GUDVUE blue light blocking glasses feature lightweight yet durable TR90 frames built for all-day comfort.

The flexible rectangle frames come in a universally flattering shape designed to complement various face shapes and styles. At just 24g, you’ll barely feel them on your face.

The spring hinges add a comfortable, customizable fit that won’t loosen over time. Rubber nose pads prevent any slipping while the anti-scratch lens coating increases durability.

Overall, the ergonomic frames provide a secure and natural feel whether you’re working in the office, gaming intensely at home, or studying late into the night.

Comprehensive Protection for Your Digital Life

Don’t just take our word for it. Try them yourself and experience the difference GUDVUE blue light glasses can make.

Within just a few days use, you’ll notice:

  • Less eye fatigue and strain when viewing screens
  • Reduced headaches and migraines
  • Clearer vision and improved focus
  • Better sleep quality at night

With daily exposure to phones, tablets, TVs, laptops and more being the norm, everyone can benefit from filtering out blue light.

GUDVUE blue light glasses are an easy, convenient way to defend your eye health in the digital age. Whether gaming, working, studying, or browsing, gain peace of mind knowing your eyes have the protection they need.

Buy With Confidence From a Trusted Brand

GUDVUE stands behind all our blue light blocking glasses with a risk-free purchase and lifetime warranty.

Our products meet advanced manufacturing standards and come backed by a lens spectrum test report verifying their effectiveness at filtering blue light.

As a customer-focused company, we want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. If you have any issues or concerns, please reach out to us directly. Our helpful support team is ready assist you.

Give your eyes the gift of healthy vision. Add these GUDVUE blue light blocking glasses to your cart today!


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