Help Your Child Overcome Amblyopia with Aster Eye Patches for Kids


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Is your child struggling with amblyopia (lazy eye)? As a parent, you want to do everything you can to help them develop proper vision and overcome this condition. That’s where Aster Eye Patches come in.

These soft, comfortable eye patches are specially designed to help train your child’s weaker eye, improving amblyopia and strabismus.

What is Amblyopia?

Amblyopia occurs when the brain favors one eye over the other, leading to poor vision in the weaker eye. This often happens because one eye has problems focusing, is misaligned, or has obstruction that leads to disuse. As a result, the brain suppresses the visual input from the weaker eye.

Amblyopia is the #1 cause of vision loss in childhood. In fact, it affects 2-3 out of every 100 children. The good news is that early treatment and patching of the stronger eye can help train the weaker eye and correct amblyopia.

How Do Aster Eye Patches Work?

Aster Eye Patches feature a lightweight patch that covers the stronger eye, blocking its vision. This forces your child to use their weaker eye, strengthening its connection to the brain.

With consistent use of the patch 2-6 hours daily, your child’s vision can improve within weeks or months. Plus, catching and treating amblyopia early gives your child the best chance for gaining normal vision.

Key Features and Benefits

Effective Shading – The opaque patch blocks all light, forcing use of the weaker eye for best results. It covers glasses lenses perfectly for full sight blocking.

Lightweight and Comfortable – Made of soft cotton and polyester, these patches stick onto glasses without touching the skin. This prevents irritation and makes them comfy for kids.

Reusable – No need to buy new patches every time. Just wash and let them air dry to use them again and again.

Easy to Use – Apply in 3 quick steps. Place the patch over your child’s stronger eye lens and it sticks with no hassle. Adjusts on glasses for the perfect fit.

Ideal for Kids – Available in fun blue and pink colors to make patching more enjoyable. Suitable for boys and girls ages 4 and up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my child wear the eye patch? We recommend patching the stronger eye for 2-6 hours daily, or as directed by your child’s doctor. Consistency is key in order to train the weaker eye effectively.

How do I know which eye to patch? You’ll usually patch the eye with better vision to force the weaker eye to work harder. Consult your eye doctor if you are unsure which eye should be patched.

What conditions can eye patching help? Patching is effective for amblyopia as well as strabismus (misaligned eyes), cataracts, and after eye surgery. Always follow medical advice.

Can my child wear their eyeglasses while patching? Yes, Aster Eye Patches are designed to stick onto your child’s eyeglasses over the lens of the stronger eye.

How do I clean the eye patches? Hand wash with mild soap and water. Let air dry before reusing. We recommend replacing patches every few months with regular use.

Help Your Child See Their Best

Being told your child has amblyopia can be worrisome. Fortunately, Aster Eye Patches provide an easy and effective way to get your child on the path to better vision. With fun designs and a comfortable fit, they’ll patch with a smile.

Order a set of these reusable eye patches today and help your child overcome amblyopia! We also recommend visiting an eye doctor regularly to monitor your child’s vision improvement.


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