HJSTES Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Stylish Eye Protection for Work and Play


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Tired eyes getting you down? Feel like you’re always squinting at a screen? It might be time for blue light glasses.

Introducing the HJSTES Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These vintage-inspired glasses are designed to filter out harmful blue light from digital devices, provide UV protection, and reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Block Harmful Blue Light Rays

Today’s world has us staring at screens all day long. Computers, phones, tablets, TVs – they all emit high levels of blue light. This blue light can penetrate deep into the eye and cause damage over time.

The HJSTES glasses have amber tinted lenses that block 99% of blue light rays. This protects your eyes from the strain and irritation of prolonged exposure. The result? Reduced headaches, better sleep, and an overall improved vision experience.

UV400 Protection Against the Sun’s Rays

In addition to filtering blue light, these glasses provide UV400 protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Whether you’re outside or near a window, the lenses shield your eyes from ultraviolet radiation damage.

Retro Round Frames – Chic Meets Function

While protecting your eyes, you can also look stylish in these glasses. The round frame design is inspired by vintage looks of the past. The thick bold frames make a fashion statement, while the clear lenses keep your eyes visible and expressive.

The frame itself is constructed from lightweight TR90 material for comfort and durability. The adjustable nose pads ensure a custom and secure fit. At just 18g total weight, you’ll barely notice you have them on.

For Work, Play, and Rest

Wear your HJSTES blue light glasses anywhere that eye strain is a concern:

  • At the office – while working on a computer, tablet, phone screen
  • Gaming – reduce fatigue during long play sessions
  • Reading – protects eyes while enjoying books and e-readers
  • Driving – reduces glare while commuting
  • Outdoors – fishing, boating, beach trips
  • TV & Movies – blocks blue light from binge watching shows and movies
  • Trouble Sleeping – wear before bed to avoid blue light disruption of circadian rhythms

Really, you can wear them anywhere you need relief from visual stress and eye tiredness.

For Men and Women

Although inspired by vintage women’s eyewear, these blue light filtering glasses have a unisex design suitable for all. The classic round shape and thin wire arms complement both masculine and feminine faces.

Men and women alike will appreciate the eye protection and stylish aesthetic. It makes a great gift for the techie, gamer, reader or TV watcher in your life. Surprise mom, dad, husband, wife or any family member or friend with this thoughtful present.

Risk Free Purchase

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We proudly stand behind the quality of our blue light glasses. If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, return them for a full refund or replacement.

We also provide a lifetime breakage warranty. If your glasses break at anytime, let us know and we will immediately ship you a free replacement pair.

With this risk free purchase you have nothing to lose and healthier eyes to gain.

Order the HJSTES Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses now and enrich how you live, work and play!


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