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See clearly into the distance with the HUIHUIKK Nearsighted Metal Myopia Glasses. These stylish, lightweight spectacles are designed for nearsightedness, with minus strength lenses to correct blurry far-away vision. Enjoy crisp, sharp vision whether driving, watching TV, seeing the board in class, and more.

This pair features sleek thin metal frames with spring hinges for the perfect custom fit. The dimensions of the frames are 14.2cm wide with 14cm long arms and 5.8×4.9cm lenses. Choose between a classic Black, Silver, or Gold metal frame and matching ear pieces to match your personal style.

These distance glasses have custom single vision lenses designed to correct nearsighted vision. Also called short-sightedness or myopia, nearsightedness makes far away objects appear blurry while nearby things look clear. The concave minus lenses in these glasses refract light just right so you can see distant objects sharply.

Stop squinting or leaning forward to see the board, TV, street signs, and faces from across the room. Slip on these myopia glasses and your eyes will relax with clear near and far vision. The lightweight metal frames are comfortable for prolonged wear when working, driving, or studying.

Still not sure if these are reading or distance glasses? To clarify again, these are NOT reading glasses. They have minus/concave lenses to correct nearsightedness and let you see far away, not magnifying lenses for reading. Please select your normal nearsighted prescription strength.

When to Wear Nearsighted Glasses

  • Driving – see road signs, cars, scenery clearly
  • Watching TV from the couch
  • Seeing classroom whiteboards and presentations
  • Outdoor activities – sports, concerts, sightseeing
  • Shopping – read signs in stores from a distance
  • Workplace tasks like meetings, presentations, observing equipment
  • Enjoying scenic views during travel and vacations

Benefits of HUIHUIKK Nearsighted Glasses

  • Corrects nearsighted vision for crisp distant vision
  • Stylish thin metal frames complement any look
  • Lightweight durable design for all day wear
  • Spring hinges adjust flexibly for custom fit
  • Anti-reflective coating minimizes glares
  • Clear vision improves safety when driving
  • Choice of black, silver, or gold metal colors
  • Relieves eye strain from squinting to see far

Lens & Frame Details

Lens Dimensions: 5.8 x 4.9cm

Lens Material: Optical resin plastic

Lens Type: Single vision distance prescription

Index: 1.50 with anti-reflective coating

Frame Dimensions: 14.2cm wide, 14cm arms

Frame Material: Lightweight metal – black, silver, or gold colors

Hinges: Spring loaded

Nose pads: Adjustable

Shop HUIHUIKK Myopia Glasses Now

Correct your nearsightedness in style with the HUIHUIKK Nearsighted Glasses. Their slim metal frame design is lightweight and durable for everyday wear. Whether you need glasses for school, work, driving, or leisure activities, this pair delivers crisp clear distance vision without the eye strain of squinting.

Simply select your prescription strength to get the perfect custom myopia glasses. We’ll skillfully insert lenses matched precisely to your eyes. See far clearly again with reduced blur!

Provide us with any questions when ordering. Your vision health and satisfaction are our top priorities. If you don’t love your new HUIHUIKK nearsighted glasses, return them for an exchange or refund. Click add to cart now!


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